Urbana 12 Seminars


Creative Campus Activism
How do you empower others to join you in acting on the issues that you’re passionate about?
Evangelism through the Gospel of Luke
Helping our friends look at Jesus for themselves is one of the best ways to extend God’s invitation.
Making All Things New: Engaging Culture through the Lens of Social Justice
Explore the explosive synergy between engaging social justice through the lens of the gospel.
Making Disciples: From Skeptics to World-Changers
Jesus doesn't command us to merely make converts, but to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).
New Paradigms in Jewish Ministry
What does a strategic effort to reach Jewish people with the Gospel look like today?
Popping the Question Cross-Culturally
How can we be culturally sensitive and relevant in inviting a person from another cultural background to follow Jesus?
Reaching International Students on Campus

More than 700,000 international students now study in the United States, and the number continues to increase each year.

Receiving the Father’s Love: Good News for Honor/Shame Cultures
Original sin led to shame, pain and weakness as well as guilt.
Responding to the New Atheism
The “new” atheism of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett and others has made a huge splash on college
Start Something New
This seminar will walk you through key principals to help you start a missional, multiplying group.
Starting a Cross-Cultural Evangelistic Bible Study
God has put Christians in North American universities in a unique position to engage in cross cultural missions through

Global Issues in Mission

A Christian Response to Homosexuality
Hear a personal journey of faith and solid biblical teaching through which you will learn how Christians can better mini
Creating Community for At-Risk Children and Youth

Development of community must be intentional as we seek to care for children and young people caught up in devastating s

Embracing your Ethnicity, Empowering Yourself for Missions
Exploring your ethnic journey is absolutely essential as an ingredient for preparing to engage others with love and wisd
Ending Gendercide and Proclaiming Christ’s Redemption in China and India
100,000,000 baby girls have vanished in the last several decades—more than twice the number of humans killed in the Holo
Environmental Missions: Bringing Christ the Creator to the Least-Reached
Environmental missionaries are those sent cross-culturally to labor with Christ—the Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer of a
Evangelism in Post-Modern Countries
The Soviet Union fell apart more than 20 years ago, but most of the people are still living by the ideology of that regi
Global Partnership: Towards More Effective Kingdom Impact Across Cultures

Beyond seeing partnership just as exchange of resources or going into other people’s context to do projects, how do we e

HIV on Campuses in Francophone Africa
Humanity was mobilized to action as he spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic raced on in the 1980s and 1990s.
Homosexuality and the Church: A Meditation on the Tragic
Rather than seeing homosexuality as an issue outside a straight person’s experience, all of us as human creatures have t
Seek God. Seek Justice.
There are more than 25 million slaves in the world today.
Suffering and Faith
How can faith honestly deal with the brokenness in our world—or even just in our everyday lives?
The Environment, a Biblical Responsibility

What we think about creation will determine to a large extent how we journey within it -whether in our local environment

The Environmentalist's Dilemma: Plants or People?
How do you balance care for God’s creation with care for people? Do we have to choose between plants and people?
The Impact of Racial Reconcilation in Missions
When racial reconciliation is engaged intentionally, purposefully and prayerfully, in our cultural context, it can lead
The Unengaged Peoples: What it Takes to Be the First to Tell Them
Come hear stories of how a team has engaged with people who had not heard the Good News.
The Unengaged Peoples: Who Are They and Why Should You Care
Daju. Bhatiara. Ogan. Afshari. Ever heard of them? They have never heard of your Jesus.
The Unengaged Peoples: Who Will Be the Voice of the Church That Isn’t (Yet)?
Unengaged people groups have zero workers engaging them in the hopes of planting churches.
Thinking Theologically about Immigration
God’s first command to humanity in Genesis 1:28 is, “multiply and fill the earth.” In modern terms: “Migrate.” In this s
Welcoming the Stranger in Today's Immigration System
Through immigration, a great missional opportunity has landed right on our doorstep, but oftentimes our own fears and mi
¡Vamonos! Envisioning the Future of Black and Hispanic Mobilization
Hispanics and Blacks have great potential when it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Growing in Understanding of Missions

Becoming a Global Christian
“Think globally and act locally” is the bumper sticker charge. But how?
Cross-Cultural Complexities: Friendship, Money & Partnership
This interactive session will examine the role of money in cross-cultural friendships and partnerships, and why things c
Engaging in Rural Cross-Cultural Missions

In this session we'll look at rural and cross-cultural missions in the context of holistic and incarnational approach t

Exploring Cultural Assumptions
In today’s global society we all interact with people from a variety of cultures.
Lessons from the Global South for the West

Using the illustration of the parable of the eleventh hour worker we'll learn practical advice for advancing the gospel

Opportunities for Women in Leadership in Missions
Examine your calling as a woman with a heart to be used of God in the missions community.
Six Ways to Reach God’s World
Urbana's done. Now what do I do?!
The Challenge of the Church in Egypt
The Church in Egypt is facing external and internal challenges. The Church has a prophetic role as salt and light.
The Role of Short-Term Missions in Building Worshipers
Missions exists because worship doesn't, but how does the short term missions experience help to build worshipers?
Transform Your Campus through Short-Term Missions
Short-term missionaries return to University with holistic conviction about the gospel.
What Does it Mean to be a Follower of Jesus in Palestine?
Come and learn of the Palestinian Christians, their historical back ground and identity.
Where Do North Americans Fit in Global Mission?
We live in what Fareed Zakaria calls the “Post-American World.” But what does that world look like?
World Changers: Introduction to Missions

Discover the women, men and times that were instrumental in the birth of movements that advanced the cause of missions.

International Students Track

International Students Track December 28 General Session
Audio for the December 28th general session of the International Students Track (without worship).
International Students Track December 30 General Session
Audio for the December 30th general session of the International Students Track (without worship).

Launch Lab

Learn and Live 58

You Ending Extreme Poverty: Slavery
Journey with one family into a rock quarry in India.
You Ending Extreme Poverty: Slums
Travel with Alice and Pastor Joel here into the precarious life of the Mathare Valley in Kenya.
You Ending Extreme Poverty: Trafficking
Enter the dark world of the Kolkata sex trade where young girls have been forced into the sex trade in order to help the

Missions in Every Sector

Advancing the Kingdom Through Your Vocation
Christians are called to join King Jesus on his grand mission of renewing all things.
At the Intersection of Church and Business: Announcing the Kingdom of God
What might it look like for a for-profit business to bear witness to the reign of God in the marketplace?
Business and Mission: Serving God on Wall Street
Why does business matters to God? How can business women and men serve God and the world through our work?
Business as Mission, A Life Plan
Bill will tell how the Holy Spirit led him through his passages of marriage, raising children, and business advancement,
Business as Mission: Best and Worst Practices Unplugged
Social entrepreneur Debbie Farah, CEO of Bajalia International Group, shares her experience and lessons learned in a bus
Christians in Journalism
Christian journalists are to be strivers for verifiable truth in any given situation.
Exploring God’s Call to the Marketplace: A Biblical Theology of Work
According to the Bible, God calls people to all kinds of professions.
Flourishing and Floundering as a Filmmaker
A recent report stated that Film and Photography were some of the worst majors for your career.
Graduate School for God’s Global Mission

What does God’s global mission have to do with graduate school?

High Tech Entrepreneurship 101 for the Mission-Minded
Drawing from 15+ years of starting and growing three high tech start-ups in Boston and San Francisco Sonny will: share p
Learning about Business as Mission from the Life of Joseph
Joseph may have been the first business as mission leader.
Microfinance and Missions: How Savings and Small Loans Can Make a Big Difference
The Church has recognized that good intentions in poverty alleviation have not always created good results, and sometime
Mission-Based Ethics for a Challenging World
Ethics is about doing good which is so much more than not doing bad.
Politics! Why Bother?!
Based on his study of Scripture, systems and his own experience as independent candidate in the first London mayoral ele
Proclaiming the Gospel through the Arts
Interactive visual art displays, theater pieces designed with seekers in mind, coffeehouse outreaches, concert fundraise
Serving Christ as a Professor
Is God calling you to higher education? Does it even make sense to get a PhD?
Stories of the Ordinary
This seminar focuses on how everyday people make a difference in the world.
Tentmaking to Create Solutions to Ultrapoverty
Billions of people in this world who live in conditions that God never intended. How should we respond?
The Creative Capacity of Global Business to Bring Transformation
This seminar will be filled with examples of the myriad of ways God is using business people around the world to be his
Vocational Missionaries: Global Mission through Global Business
God is at work in the 21st century to use the globalization of United States and European businesses to provide opportun
Where in the Bible Does It Say that God Likes Artists and the Arts?
Does God have plans to use the arts to communicate to the world? Where in the Bible does it say that this is true?
Why Business Matters to the World and to God
This seminar will explore how Christians in business can align their work and the work of their companies with God's Kin
Women and the Academic Life

Women in academic vocations can have deeply satisfying and significant Kingdom influence, but they also must navigate pa

Pastors and Church Leaders Track

Poverty and Justice

Gaining Access to the Pond: Advocacy in Mission

Many Christians understand the need for development, but what do we do when we face unjust laws and policies?

Simple Living for Just Giving
A biblical vision for economic discipleship frees us to enjoy our abundance, liberates us from consumerism, and empowers
The Experimental Orientation: Life in a Slum
You could consider incarnation in a slum as an ongoing experiment in finding the creative life Jesus uniquely gives to p
What it Takes to Transform Your City
While the efforts of churches and agencies to alleviate suffering and pursue justice in cities are crucial, how might be
Women and Incarnation

What is it like to be a woman living incarnationally in a slum community?


Being a Strategic Investor in Global Missions
Whatever our field—vocational ministry, marketplace or missionary—God is placing us in locations where we can we can sup
Biblical Foundations of Multicultural Worship: Glorfiying God and Impacting the World
Revelation 7 gives us a glimpse of people from every tribe and nation worshiping together around God's throne.
Business as Mission: A New Frontier
Discover this new phenomenon called Business as Mission (BAM), learn how it fits within God’s broader Marketplace Missio
Church Planting Movements
This seminar will look at some amazing ways God is at work around the world to make disciples among some of the least re
Creating Biblically-Based Songs for Oral Cultures
Music, combined with other tools of oral communication (stories, drama, dance, etc.), represents an untapped resource fo
Developing World Design: Architects and Engineers in Mission
What does it look like to design relevant structures in a place that is foreign to you, both in culture and building pra
English Language Teaching and Missions: Potential, Pitfalls, and Best Practices
English language teachers have a potentially positive and strategic impact for the Kingdom in many contexts and among ma
How to Partner with the Student Ministry in Mexico and Central America
In spite of the corruption, oppression and injustice that the majority of the Latin American countries experience, the s
Is Music Really a “Universal” Language?
Discover the origins of the universal language fallacy and its impact on the history of missions.
Missions Opportunities in the Caribbean
The Caribbean is a heterogeneous region which presents a vast array of opportunities for missions, especially
Music Shaping Faith and Practice of the Church
Nothing shapes the faith and practice of the Church more than its music.
Musicians Living Fully in Christ
X-factor and American Idol make us dream of becoming famous musicians, but what does it look like to honor God with your
Reaching and Teaching the Oral World
More than 70% of the world’s population consists of oral learners, those who are preliterate, illiterate, or simply do n
Serving God as a Professor Overseas
As a professor overseas you can serve God by teaching your discipline and by influencing future leaders.
Sports Ministry: Strategic in God’s Kingdom Expansion
Investigate local and world-wide opportunities to impact the world for Christ through sports.
The Church That Meets In Your House
House churches are a global phenomenon, yet in the United States they are not widely understood.
The Ministry of University Teaching
Discover the opportunities for Christian teachers in universities overseas.
We Have the Best Story: Performing Arts In Mission

The Urbana Performing Arts Team (theatre and dance) will talk about art and gospel.

What is Drama in Mission?
Actor Edwin Forrest suggested that a "passion for the dramatic art is inherent in the nature of man." But what is drama?
Worship at Urbana: Why does it look this way?

Come to the table with the Urbana worship team and hear about their journey as a community of worship leaders.

Ready to Go

A New Kind of Missionary: Using Your Degree and Serving Globally
In today’s globalized world, there’s a need for a new kind of missionary – recent grads with marketplace skills who go f
Cross-Cultural Mission as Crucible for Spiritual Transformation
Why is cross-cultural ministry such a crucible of character development and spiritual transformation?
Discerning the Missionary Call
This is a workshop designed to clarify biblical calling as it relates to missions and the Great Commission.
Five Keys to Raise Your Ministry Support
Don’t let fear, or not knowing how to raise support, keep you from following God’s calling to go into ministry.
Fundraising as Ministry

Rooted in Luke 10, this provides a biblical basis for raising funds that moves beyond "permission" to raise money to the

Fundraising Strategies for People of Color
While there are basic fundamentals for raising funds we recognize that the application is not the same for every culture
Getting Ready to Serve: Top 10 Steps to Effective Crosscultural Service
How can I get ready for longer-term cross-cultural service right now?

The Heart and Soul of Missions

Christians in Holistic Missions and Community Development
Christians ought to realize that having come into Christ Jesus, there is a quantum of grace released into their lives fo
Contemplative Activism
Contemplative Activism reconciles our inner and outer lives, equipping restless Christians who are marked by social conc
Ethnicity and Prayer
How does ethnicity and culture affect prayer?
Growing Your Prayer Life and Reaching the Campus Community
Gain insights into developing a prayer life and campus outreach.
Jesus Follower? A Daily Life
What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? What does a commitment to following Jesus daily look like?
Making the Most of Your Urbana Experience
High Schoolers, gather with your peers to explore the the many opportunities waiting for you at Urbana 12.
Practicing the Way of Jesus: Taking Action Together
How will you translate your big dreams into tangible actions?
Prayer, Fasting and Worship for Mission
God has created all of us to be a part of his mission but we often forget his call in our lives.
Reading the Bible with Joy
Why does reading the Bible often seem more like a burden than something we eagerly look forward to?
Spiritual Warfare and Mission
In Paul's view, spiritual warfare begins with God and not the enemy (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).
Taking Luke Manuscript Study Back to Campus and Church
If you’ve enjoyed feasting on God’s Word at Urbana 12, come receive training to lead manuscript study back home.
The Daily Life of Disciple-Making Disciples

We seem to have taken the costly command of Christ to go, baptize, and teach all nations and changed it into a comfortab

The Rest of the Story: Meet the Older Son
Who do you identify with in the story of the two sons?
Theology of Suffering
Today, it’s more important than ever for believers to develop a theology of suffering before tragedy strikes and questio
Understanding the Concept and Cost of Missions
Knowledge is a powerful tool to achieve anything.

The Mission of Healthcare

God's Call to the Healthcare Professional
Healthcare provides a unique opportunity to engage the deepest issues of life and faith alongside those who are sufferin
Health Care for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children
A discussion of the global situation of orphaned and vulnerable children and ways that a health care professional can ma
Health Care Ministry for Exploited and Trafficked People
A discussion of the myriad and creative ways that a health care professional can impact the lives of exploited and traff
Healthcare Ministry in Chronic Illness and Disability
Ministries that welcome and include persons with chronic illness and disability provide the Christian healthcare profess
Professional Preparation for Healthcare Missions
What skills and preparation are needed to provide healthcare as a follower of Jesus Christ?
Teaching in the Healthcare Professions as Missions
There is a global need for healthcare professionals worldwide with critical thinking and problem solving skills for comp
The Biblical Basis of Healthcare Missions
God is using healthcare professionals around the world to care for the people he created.

Urban Poverty Track

December 28 Track Session
The audio from the December 28th general session for the Urban Poverty Track.

World Religions

Catholics and Protestants in Missional Partnership
Can Roman Catholics and Protestants work together to reach out to folk who are far from God?
Engaging Your Hindu Neighbor
Did you know there are 1.5 million Hindus in North America?
Fresh Vision for the Muslim World
Christians can sometimes contribute to the spread of a negative stereotypes of Muslims.
Islam and Christianity: Tensions and Connections
We'll walk through a detailed explanation Islam as a religion.
Islamic Terrorism and the Arab Spring
In this session you will learn the social and religious influences on the Arab World.
Judaism 101
Ever wonder why God chose the Jewish people and what they are chosen for?
Mission to the Hindu World
Hinduism, with 750 million followers, has been growing in its influence in different forms in the West.
Paradigms and Questions from the Eastern Orthodox Church
Though the Christian East and West share much in common; encounters with Orthodox Christians can be confusing, largely b


BCTW December 28 General Session
The audio from December 28th's general session for the Business Changing the World Track.
BCTW December 29 General Session
The audio from the December 29th general session for the Business Changing the World Track.
BCTW December 30 General Session
The audio from the December 30th general session for the Business Changing the World Track.