The Environment, a Biblical Responsibility

What we think about creation will determine to a large extent how we journey within it -whether in our local environments or the wider world. This seminar will look carefully at what the Bible says about creation, offering a biblical framework to help us better understand our relationships within it and our responsibilities toward the handiwork of God.

Terry LeBlanc

(as of 2012)

Terry LeBlanc is Mi’kmaq/Acadian and has been active in community-based, grassroots ministry for more than 30 years. He is the director of My People International as well as founding chair and current director of the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS). The ministry's core focus is training, equipping and otherwise building the capacity of indigenous people to give effective leadership in their homes, communities and places of faith.

Terry is also an award-winning author, speaker and professor, specializing in indigenous peoples, cultures in context, anthropology, missions, and the church. He serves as an adjunct faculty member at Tyndale University College and Seminary, George Fox University and Evangelical Seminary and Asbury Theological Seminary.

Terry and his wife are blessed with three children.

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