Exploring Cultural Assumptions

In today’s global society we all interact with people from a variety of cultures. Our personal background limits our ability to communicate across cultural boundaries and limits our effectiveness in working in multicultural teams. This interactive seminar will reveal the underlying assumptions that shape our reaction to people from other cultures and will provide clear steps to improve our relationships with others.
Sheryl Takagi Silzer

(as of 2012)

Sheryl has been a multicultural consultant with SIL International (Wycliffe Bible Translators) for the past 7 years. She leads Cultural Self-Discovery workshops for multicultural teams and does consulting on organizational strategy. She has conducted workshops for SIL, Wycliffe, and other agencies in Latin America, Europe, Central Asia, Asia, and the Pacific. Previously she served as a Bible translator in Latin America and the Pacific with her husband, Pete.

Her workshop material is based on her book, “Biblical Multicultural Teams: Applying Biblical Truth to Cultural Differences,” 2011, William Carey International University Press, available on Amazon in Kindle and print form.

Sheryl also teaches at Talbot School of Theology (La Mirada, CA) in their Asian American D Min program and at Handong Global University (South Korea), and serves as a doctoral mentor for William Carey International University (Pasadena, CA).

She has two sons and 4 grandchildren.