Taking Luke Manuscript Study Back to Campus and Church

If you’ve enjoyed feasting on God’s Word at Urbana 12, come receive training to lead manuscript study back home. You can share your experience in Luke and pass on to others this dynamic approach to Bible study.
Susanna Muntz

(as of 2012)

Susanna is passionate about Jesus, his Word and his work of finding and transforming people around the world. She worked at a church for 5 years before coming on staff with Inter-Varsity Canada for the last 6, and as a Field Director she supervises 38 staff and stewards the mission of IV Canada on 26 campuses. She loves to see the ways in which inductive Bible study has transformed preaching, teaching and discipleship in the local church and is provoking a new commitment to multi-ethnic communities of witness on campuses across Canada. Susanna has enjoyed teaching and equipping people to teach the scriptures in Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Senegal and Canada. She anticipates that God will move powerfully through the gospel of Luke at Urbaa 12.

Elizabeth Walsh

(as of 2012)

Elizabeth loves Jesus, his Word, his people, and joining with him in his work in our world.  She has worked with college students for 14 years, and watched God do amazing things in students’ lives, through their witness on campus, and with their faithfulness beyond college in the city, church, workplace, and world.  Leading people in inductive Bible study and helping others grow as teachers are some of her favorite things, because she loves watching God’s Word transform lives.  She’s seen people who would never set foot in a church meet Jesus in the gospels, and people who’ve been in church all their lives utterly transformed as they see God afresh in his Word.  Elizabeth has enjoyed teaching Scripture in Turkey, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, on campuses in the U.S., and at Urbana.  She looks forward to seeing how God will work through Luke at Urbana 12!