John Greenhill

John Greenhill

Dayspring Technologies

(as of 2012)

As a first-year engineering student wandering among the church planters at Urbana ’87, John was looking for inspiration, “how can an engineer put technical skills to work for the glory of God?” In the 25 years since filling out an Urbana commitment card, John’s understanding of both God and work has expanded beyond his previous narrow definitions.

Passing through high school teaching, network administration and providing technical support to Wycliffe Bible Translators in Peru, John returned to cast in his lot with Dayspring Technologies, an experiment in Christian business started by some church members.

At Dayspring, John has developed on Web projects from high-end eCommerce sites to enterprise customer service applications, consulting for retail giants, startups and universities. In this setting, he and his colleagues confront the daily challenges of living out God’s redeeming work in the workplace, marketplace and community.

The Dayspring experiment has included a youth employment mission, for which John developed curriculum and provided Web programming instruction to urban youth through a joint program with Grace Urban Ministries.

Recently Dayspring moved from the heart of the financial district to the Bayview neighborhood to explore a closer partnership with Redeemer Community Church, and further explore what it means to bear witness to God’s redeeming of a community—what it looks like for a business to be a good neighbor.

John holds his BS in Aerospace Engineering from University of Virginia. He lives, works and worships in San Francisco with his wife and three children and has a penchant for Peruvian food.

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