Creative Campus Activism

How do you empower others to join you in acting on the issues that you’re passionate about? In this interactive seminar, we’ll explore how to use creative activism and experiential campaigns to bring issues to life, change hearts, tell stories, and inspire others to act.
Scott Erickson

(as of 2012)

Scott Erickson is a working studio artist who has been exhibited in galleries throughout the Seattle area, Atlanta, and Central California.  He is also an experiential artist – bringing the making of art into public spaces.  Scott has collaborated with a number of non-profits, such as WorldVision and International Justice Mission, using his art skills for advocacy and fund-raising.  He has also worked with a number of musicians and has been on two nation-wide tours making art in live concert settings.   Scott recently finished a three year Artist In Residency with Ecclesia Church in Houston, TX, in which he spent his time curating a visual culture within the church community.  He currently lives with his wife Holly and his kids Anders and Elsa in Tacoma, WA where Scott is the Creative Communications Lead at WorldVision ACT:S.


twitter: scottthepainter

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