Paradigms and Questions from the Eastern Orthodox Church

Though the Christian East and West share much in common; encounters with Orthodox Christians can be confusing, largely because the East has always asked different theological questions. Among other things, we will discuss how looking at salvation as a medical problem (an organic paradigm) has affected the shape of worship, theology and missions.
Howard Webb

(as of 2012)

Howard Webb enjoys questioning assumptions.  This was a habit learned from reading Dr. Francis Schaeffer in the early 70s, and from time spent at L’Abri (both in Switzerland and the Netherlands).

After receiving an MDiv degree from Covenant Theological Seminary, he spend several years as a chaplain resident at Missouri Baptist Hospital.  It was during that time that he started exploring the integration of theology, psychology and pastoral care – and ended up looking into the history of liturgy and worship.

The journey since then has only become more complex and vastly interesting (including a trip to Mt Athos, the Greek monastic republic).  Much of this journey has been shared with his wife Rhonda (who was a missionary in the Philippines with Wycliffe Translators).  In addition to raising two sons, they have been very involved within the Orthodox Church:, helping to start mission churches and working with ministries to feed the homeless.

When not working or attending church in St Louis, Howard is often found monitoring the water quality of lakes, kayaking, painting icons and exploring photomicroscopy.

The Kingdom of God is very convoluted.

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