Ethnicity and Prayer

How does ethnicity and culture affect prayer? (Acts 17:26, 27) This seminar will explore some diverse ethnic experiences in reaching out to God in prayer.
Barbara Brown

(as of 2012)

Barbara retired from Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, June 2011 after serving 39 years as a Campus Staff Member with assignments in New York City, Detroit and the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Barbara served for six years as a Multi-Ethnic Specialist in the Mid Atlantic Region and for sixteen years as a prayer specialist.

Brenda Wong

(as of 2012)

Brenda Wong has been the IVCF Area Director for Hawaii for the last 11 years. Born and raised in San Francisco, Brenda began ministry with InterVarsity at SF State and City College in 1978.  For the last 20 years, she has ministered to students and staff in Hawaii and beyond.  Brenda has a passion for Jesus, students, meaningful relationships, practical spirituality, diverse cultures, good food and the beautiful beaches of Hawaii! She has masters’ degrees in Christian Studies and  Marriage Family and Child Counseling.