Business as Mission, A Life Plan

Bill will tell how the Holy Spirit led him through his passages of marriage, raising children, and business advancement, while at the same time, preparing him for a mission-based business in his later years. He will give insights on how you can accomplish your passages and at the same time prepare for God’s mission for you.

Bill Mallory

(as of 2012)

Was born in Alabama 69 years ago. Started a company in Cebu, Philippines, 32 years ago. Been living there for 15 years. Currently the 7th largest exporter in Cebu, shipping garden products, pots, urns, fountains, furniture, etc. to retailers in the USA including Home Depot, Sam’s, Frontgate, Horchow, Grandin Road. During peak season we employ directly or indirectly about 4,000 people, have Bible studies in factory on “our” time, and generally try to run the business as though Jesus was Chairman of the Board.

My Urbana seminar will describe how the Holy Spirit put all this together once I gave Him control and offer suggestions on how you can position yourself for the ride of your life.

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