Fresh Vision for the Muslim World

Christians can sometimes contribute to the spread of a negative stereotypes of Muslims. This seminar will ask and attempt to answer an honest question: Should Christ-followers adopt a different mindset towards a perceived cultural enemy? We will try to see beyond the polarized approach that so often characterizes Christian rhetoric about Muslims to gain a nuanced view of a people deeply rooted in their religious and cultural heritage.
Mike Kuhn

(as of 2012)

Mike and his family spent 22 years in France, North Africa and the Middle East, working among Muslims and Christians – learning how the gospel is impacting Islamic communities.  He was deported from a Middle Eastern country and blacklisted in 2005.  He returned to the US where he served for 6 years as a pastor in Knoxville, Tennessee.

In the aftermath of 9/11 and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mike sensed that Christian rhetoric among US Christians regarding Muslims was often a poor reflection of the gospel. He began to speak and write as an advocate for a “Kingdom vision” of the Muslim world. He wrote a book titled “Fresh Vision for the Muslim World” to give voice to his convictions.

Currently, Mike is working with a theological education ministry in Beirut, Lebanon. Having graduate degrees in theology and Arabic Language and Literature, he is now pursuing a PhD in Muslim-Christian relations during the 11th century, in hopes that it might inform the church today.

He is married to Stephanie and they have 3 daughters, two sons-in-law and three grandsons! In his free time, Mike enjoys playing guitar and banjo.


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