Josh Kwan

Josh Kwan

Launch Lab Trainer, Director of International Giving at the David Weekley Family Foundation

(as of 2012)

Josh Kwan is passionate about building high-impact organizations that go to scale. He is co-founder and chairman of Praxis, a mentorship-driven accelerator program for social entrepreneurs and innovators who are compelled by their Christian faith to advance the common good. Over a one-year period, Praxis Fellows are provided with the knowledge and networks needed to grow world-class organizations. This is all done within a setting where entrepreneurs can explore how to embody the Gospel in their work.

He is also the Director of International Giving at the David Weekley Family Foundation, which is focused on alleviating poverty through improving livelihoods, health, and education. Applying a combination of treasure, time, and talent, the foundation seeks to change the trajectory of young, innovative organizations that have measurable impact, the potential to scale and, whenever possible, the chance to reach financial sustainability.

Previously, Josh was a journalist who covered business, crime, and politics. He has a bachelor's degree in Government from Harvard College and an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. He lives with his wife Jane and their two girls in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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