What it Takes to Transform Your City

While the efforts of churches and agencies to alleviate suffering and pursue justice in cities are crucial, how might believers pursue a strategy that contributes to the long-term transformation of their communities into places of abundance and shalom? What is possible when urban ministry meets community development, and coordinated Christ-centered civic renewal?
Randy White

(as of 2012)

Executive Director of the Center for Community Transformation based at Fresno Pacific University. Dr. White was the founder of the Fresno Institute for Urban leadership, now in its 20th year, and formerly directed the National Urban Project program for InterVarsity. He is the author of many books on urban transformation, including Encounter God in the City (IVP) and The Work of Our Hands (condeopress.com) as well as many articles. For nearly two decades he and his wife Tina have lived and served in their city’s poorest neighborhood, through commitment to a host of civic and non-profit efforts pursuing justice and shalom with and for children and families.

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