Receiving the Father’s Love: Good News for Honor/Shame Cultures

Original sin led to shame, pain and weakness as well as guilt. How does the Father’s unconditional love meet us in these conditions? How do we read the Bible with an honor/shame lens? Come discover how to share the gospel effectively in cultures where honor/shame is an integral part of the worldview!
Katie Rawson

While studying in Paris, France, Katie shared the good news with other international students, which led her to an InterVaristy International Student Ministries staff member in 1980. She continues to serve in ISM and is the author of Crossing Cultures with Jesus: Sharing Good News with Sensitivity and Grace.

When Eva Liu Glick joined InterVarsity in 1997, she felt no clear calling to work with international students. But God surprised her with a new passion and led her to cofound an ISM chapter at the University of California, San Diego in 2002. Currently, Eva works to help all InterVarsity chapters engage with international students. She has experienced cross-cultural missions in Mexico, on several urban and global programs, and through her work with ISM.

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