World Changers: Introduction to Missions

Discover the women, men and times that were instrumental in the birth of movements that advanced the cause of missions. Transferable principles and practices for today’s missions will be highlighted.


Born in Malaysia, Dr. T.V. Thomas has studied in Malaysia, India, Canada, and the U.S. From 1978 to 1994, he was on the teaching faculty of Canadian Bible College and Canadian Theological Seminary in Regina, Saskatchewan. In 1984, he served as the Professor of Evangelism for the Murray W. Downey Chair of Evangelism at both schools for 10 years. T.V. served as International Minister-at-Large with Every Home for Christ International from 1994 to 2000. His deep commitment to the cause of world evangelization calls for extensive national and international travel to minister at camps, churches, universities, and retreats. T.V. has been a plenary speaker at large events like Urbana and the Promise Keepers Conferences.