Tentmaking to Create Solutions to Ultrapoverty

Billions of people in this world who live in conditions that God never intended. How should we respond? God has called some of us to a business career in the Third World where he can use our business skills for his transformation of oppressed communities.

David Sutherland

(as of 2012)

David Sutherland is Morgan Stanley’s Chief Financial Officer in Asia Pacific, with financial responsibility for Morgan Stanley’s businesses in China, India, Korea, Australia and other Asian countries. David is also the Chair of the Board of International Care Ministries, which serves more than 100,000 ultrapoor people in the Philippines through 2500 local slum churches. After ICM’s 16 week church-based training program, there is a 42% reduction in physical abuse in the homes, a 26% reduction in serious illnesses and a 33% increase in household income. David traveled to the Philippines 16 times last year in support of ICM’s programs. David is also involved with other ministries in Indonesia, China and Hong Kong.

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