Professional Preparation for Healthcare Missions

What skills and preparation are needed to provide healthcare as a follower of Jesus Christ? Is God calling you into a healthcare ministry in the inner city, overseas, or in a closed access nation? Come and learn what it takes to arrive at the place of ministry God has planned for you.
Connie Jarlsberg

(as of 2012)

Connie has served as a missionary with WorldVenture since 1990 in both the Democratic Republic of Congo (ex Zaire) and Uganda where she was involved in nursing education in both a small mission nursing school in Zaire and at Makerere Univeristy, Kampala Uganda.  She also participated in an HIV/AIDS prevention organization working with Uganda colleages.  She assisted in the opening of a Burn Center at Mulago Hospital in Kampala.  She has been in the US since 2008 workiing as a Mission Coach for WorldVenture and serving as the Mission Specialist for Nurses Christian Fellowship. Connie co-lead the NCF Global Project to Uganda in 2010.  She anticipates returning to full time service in Uganda early in 2013.

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