Suffering and Faith

How can faith honestly deal with the brokenness in our world—or even just in our everyday lives? There is a way that’s more alive than either numbing ourselves with cheap clichés about God’s plan or losing our faith completely. Enel survived the collapse of a six-story building in Haiti’s earthquake, Kent has been working in places of extreme poverty for more than a decade, and they’ll share how these experiences can guide our search.

Kent worked with refugees in Europe for 2.5 years, studied in India during seminary, and has worked in Haiti for 12 years where he is co-director of Haiti Partners. His favorite story is The Brothers Karamazov.

Enel Angervil

(as of 2012)

Enel Angervil is a Haitian pastor, teacher, and program leader for Haiti Partners. He lives in Haiti, where he is the leader of a movement in the church to deepen faith and to pursue justice, especially for those in their communities who are most vulnerable. He survived the collapse of a six-story building in Haiti’s earthquake just two weeks after attending Urbana 2009.

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