The Role of Short-Term Missions in Building Worshipers

Missions exists because worship doesn't, but how does the short term missions experience help to build worshipers? This seminar will explore how God’s glory—as revealed in the short-term trip—helps participants become more in awe of God and better disciple in the process.
Eric Iverson

(as of 2012)

A 28-year veteran of children’s, youth, and young adult ministry, Eric Iverson is a proud product of the urban Church and Christian Community Development. He currently as the Director of Abutment at Real Resources, the parent ministry of YouthWorks, The Table Project and Youth Specialties. Eric consults, teaches and trains nationally around issues of poverty, race, Jesus-justice, and multi-ethnic ministry. One of his focuses is to assist YouthWorks and other short-term missions organizations to help participants understand that loving others is a result of loving God first, and that the order of this love is important. He is also working to engage broader parts of the body of Christ in local service as an important aspect of the disciple-making process. Eric’s ministry experience includes service in the local church, para-church, and 10 years with private and public schools in the Twin Cities. He is a native of Minneapolis, where he lives with his wife Judy and their children Hope and Isaiah Justice.