Teaching in the Healthcare Professions as Missions

There is a global need for healthcare professionals worldwide with critical thinking and problem solving skills for competence in today’s healthcare environment. This has created a demand for qualified educators and opened doors for followers of Christ to fill these roles. Come and hear how to be involved in education, evangelism, discipleship and the development of leaders in healthcare for the nations.
Connie Jarlsberg

(as of 2012)

Connie has served as a missionary with WorldVenture since 1990 in both the Democratic Republic of Congo (ex Zaire) and Uganda where she was involved in nursing education in both a small mission nursing school in Zaire and at Makerere Univeristy, Kampala Uganda.  She also participated in an HIV/AIDS prevention organization working with Uganda colleages.  She assisted in the opening of a Burn Center at Mulago Hospital in Kampala.  She has been in the US since 2008 workiing as a Mission Coach for WorldVenture and serving as the Mission Specialist for Nurses Christian Fellowship. Connie co-lead the NCF Global Project to Uganda in 2010.  She anticipates returning to full time service in Uganda early in 2013.

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