Urbana 18 Seminars

Business and Technology

Being Christ's Hands and Feet in the Himalayas using STEM

God is moving powerfully in the Himalayas using STEM!

Change the World Through STEM: Applying Your Passions

Technology and innovation are critical in addressing the world’s social, economic, and environmental problems.

Collective Impact Through Collaboration

Many of the urban issues we face are too complex and large for any one organization to tackle.

Designing a World of Hope: Engineering & Architecture in Missions

When many think of missionaries, engineers and architects usually don’t come to mind right away.

Entrepreneurial Collaboration in Challenging Global Settings

American church planters and business leaders often face adversity in launching new enterprises.

Entrepreneurship as Evangelism: How Profit can Carry the Gospel

As Christians, we readily accept that we are called to give of our wealth, but we also need to recognize that we are often called to create wealth, especially those who are gifted as entrepreneurs

Faith and Power: The Role of Christians in Public Policy & Law

Wherever you go in the world, you encounter power structures. They can be a blessing or oppressive.

Is Google the New God? Rethinking Community in a Digital Age

Technology has radically changed everything: our work, our lifestyles, our relationships, and even our faith. As faithful witnesses, we need to examine the role of technology in our lives.

Missions from Your Laptop: Reaching the World Through Technology

Today’s technology enables us to connect instantaneously with someone on the opposite side of the world.

Redemptive Entrepreneurism in Marginalized Neighborhoods

See redemptive entrepreneurism in action. Be inspired by a story of 10,000 volunteers being mobilized to beautify 300 city blocks in six days in Detroit, Michigan.

Redemptive Entrepreneurship: Influencing Culture through Innovation

Entrepreneurs are changing the world. But are Christians helping or hurting their cause by what we create?

Scatter: Go Therefore & Take Your Job With You

What if you didn't need to leave your job or raise support to do missions?

Social Entrepreneurship for the Kingdom

Learn the key steps in starting a for-profit, social business that can expand God’s kingdom in places of poverty.

The Future of Missions: Mobilizing a New Generation in the Digital Age

Many of the workforce’s changing trends—structures growing more complex and less geographically based—apply to the future of missions.


The 72: Ordinary People for Extraordinary Missions

In Luke 10, Jesus calls 72 ordinary disciples for mission training. He selects these faithful (and anonymous) disciples and trains them in four mission tasks. The results were earthshaking.

Beyond Awkward: Moving Past Comfort Zones to Share Jesus with Friends

When you talk about Jesus, are you worried that you may sound too pushy? Come learn how to navigate the tensions that arise when talking with your friends about God.

Ethnicity & Evangelism: Living Out Loud with Love

Living, serving, and sharing the gospel in different cultures can be challenging, especially when you’re part of the minority.

Heart Culture: Courage & Surrendering to Christ

Jesus courageously gave his life for us. How can we do the same for him?

Let's Be Friends: Crossing the Protestant-Catholic Divide

How can Catholics and Protestants walk hand in hand when we can’t see eye to eye?

Living Out the Good News in Honor & Shame Cultures

Original sin led to shame, fear, and guilt. So how does the Father’s unconditional love meet us in these conditions?  How can we read the Bible with an honor and shame lens?

Make Any Conversation a Spiritual Conversation

Often the hardest part about sharing the gospel is getting from “How’s your day?” to “Can I tell you about Jesus?” Come gain the skills to comfortably and confidently guide conversations from small

Next Steps: Learn How to Lead InterVarsity-Style Bible Studies

Come learn how to lead dynamic, InterVarsity-style Bible studies back home. Share how you have experienced God through Revelation with your friends and family.

Preparing the Next Generation for Evangelism & Discipleship

We need to be ready to follow Jesus and equip others as we have been equipped.

Proclaiming the Gospel in Babylon's Shadow

Living in the shadow of the empire, messages about the good life come to us in many different ways. Some are subtle. Some are powerful, but it never stops.

Reaching the "Dones" & "Nones" of Unchurched Millennials

More and more Millennials are “nones,” claiming no religion, or “dones,” having broken off any ties with the institutional church.

Sharing the Gospel Through Storytelling

Each of our lives tells a story of God’s redemptive love, and these stories are entry points for sharing the gospel.

Sharing Truth: Navigating Freedom of Speech & a Culture of Safe Places

Our current culture pits freedom of speech against safe spaces. Yet we know that God provides both perfect safety and the gift of free will—which includes speech.

The Gospel from Different Worldviews

We often learn languages to share the gospel to different cultures. But while we speak so the ears can hear, do we miss speaking in a way the heart can understand?

The Story of Now: Discovering the Story You Were Meant to Tell

Everyday conversations are the foundational unit of evangelism. Join us to grow in your ability to share Jesus in the off-the-cuff, spontaneous interactions of your daily life.

Understanding & Responding to Global Secularization

Global secularization presents a challenge to missions worldwide. As a result, a large cultural gap exists between the Church and secularized society.

Using Revelation to Help Your Non-Christian Friends Follow Jesus

Learn from students like you who have already used Reveal cards to share the good news of the gospel.

When Justice and Evangelism Kiss

Generations have swung back and forth between the extremes of a Christian faith that emphasizes either evangelism or justice. But we are called to be holistic, incarnational witnesses.

Every Campus, Every Country

Campus Ministry Opportunities Around the World

There are many areas of great gospel need on campuses around the world. As college students, you are uniquely placed to take advantage of these opportunities.

Getting on Campus: Navigating Challenges in Planting A Christian Witness

Not every campus will welcome a Christian witness with open arms.

Make Your Life Count-- Faithful Witnesses on the World's Campuses

UNESCO estimates there are now 207 million college students around the world. This presents an incredible opportunity to reach the world with the gospel.

Global Justice

A Christian Response to #MeToo & #ChurchToo

Few cultural areas have gone untouched by the #MeToo movement.

Biblical Foundations for Racial Justice

The gospel of Jesus Christ is anti-racist. Faithful Christian witness demands a biblical understanding and articulation of racial justice.

Collective Hope & Holistic Healing as a Political Act

The needs and challenges facing our communities are immense; however, the opportunities and signs of hope are just as present.

Creation Care and the Kingdom of God

Most Christians agree that we should steward God’s creation, but how are we supposed to fit another thing into our lives? And why?

Environmental Justice & Social Development Work

Come hear from an experienced missionary how to seek environmental justice and create lasting change in communities that need it the most.

Environmental Justice: Serving God & Caring for His Creation

Ambition, love for riches, and a constant need to gather for tomorrow are the base of a destructive, overproducing, and abusive industry. As followers of Jesus, we are called to respond.

Food Fights: Feeding the World or Saving Our Planet?

How do we live out our Christian faith when faced with the dual challenges of ensuring the world has enough to eat while not destroying our fragile planet?

Lessons From the Past: Reflecting on Missions & Colonialism

It’s important to take an honest look at the history of Christian missions and reflect critically and prayerfully.

Making Green Churches & Small Groups

As followers of Christ, we are called to be stewards of creation.

Navigating Power and Privilege in Ministry and Missions

As people familiar with power and privilege, how do we live out the call to ministry and missions with wisdom and discernment?

Peacemakers: They Will Be Called Children of God

We want the world to recognize us as the children of God, a beautiful community living in harmony. Yet people so often call us by other names.

Peacemaking Initiatives Among Christian & Muslim Students

Many people see Christians and Muslims as opposites, two completely different groups that could never get along.

Peacemaking through Long-Term Partnerships in Israel & Palestine

Is peace in the Middle East possible? We know that it is when we embrace biblical peace and justice instead of the world’s versions.

Practical Repentance and Prayerful Resistance

Individual and corporate confession and repentance occur consistently in Scripture, as do advocacy and redemptive justice.

Proximity & Justice: Moving Beyond Awareness to Action

Racial inequality, systemic barriers that disenfranchise people and perpetuate poverty—injustice is all around. In an age of #hashtag activism, raising awareness is not enough.

Pursuing Kingdom Justice: The Mission of God’s People

The ancient Near East did not separate life the way some of us do in the West.

Reconciliation: Why the Church Has to Get it Right

A lot of conflict exists within the Church right now. But does it have to be that way? Discover how we can reconcile our differences and work together to advance Christ’s mission.

Sexual Abuse in the Bible

While people in power have been covering up sexual abuse for millennia, the Bible boldly records the tragic stories of Sarah, Hagar, two Tamars, and Bathsheba.

Sheep Among Wolves: Justice as Discipleship

How does the church get so confused about what the gospel really is and what it calls us to?

Social Media for Social Change

It’s easy to interpret the Lord’s Prayer as, “Your kingdom come on Twitter, Facebook, etc., as it is in heaven.” Too often we post about justice, expecting to create change, but never move beyond a

Stewarding Your Voice: Civic Engagement and Missions

Before you pack your bags to save the world, take some time to consider the impact of your voice and social location on how you engage with your home, the gospel, and missions.

Sustained Prophetic Resistance: Student Activism as Mission

Jesus is a person of resistance in his vision, life, death, and resurrection. See how activism can be one of the most effective forms of witness and discipleship in our time.

Trauma Healing Through the Arts

One out of seven people experiences some form of trauma during their lives. Discover how we can use the arts to help remove trauma’s negative effects.

Upholding the Biblical Sanctity of Life

All over the world, in societies with no knowledge of Scripture and those that have forgotten their roots, we encounter an alarming lack of respect for the sanctity of human life.

Women of Color in Urban Ministry

Come to a space for women of color in missions and ministry that includes a panel discussion and Q&A about the joys, challenges, and opportunities we face.


Asian Americans and the Challenge of Medical Missions

Asian American Christian medical professionals are often highly interested in medical missions. Yet relatively few of us serve as long-term medical missionaries.

Healthcare in Global Missions

Physical needs or spiritual needs? This is the age-old question when it comes to healthcare missions.

Healthcare Missions with the Rural Poor

God has called us to serve the unreached all across the world. Forty-six million people live in rural areas. And places like rural North America have been neglected by healthcare missions.

Pathways to Practice Medicine as Mission

You have a heart for God’s people and a passion for healthcare. But how do they connect? How do you prepare? Come hear practical steps to make your dream of serving a reality.

Where’s Your Heart? Examining Our Motives for Practicing Medicine

Come examine the motives of several people from the Bible who sought a path without keeping God first.

Missions 101

Community Transformation—Empowering Local Churches

In the midst of poverty, hunger, war, and every other sign of our fallen world, local churches are strategically placed to love their neighbors well.

Around the Globe in 60 Minutes

How is God at work in Nepal, Ghana, and Panama? What obstacles do Christians face around the world?

Avoiding the Danger of Defining Ourselves Based on Marital Status

Whether you are married or single, your view of God and self can lead to challenges in Christian living and missions.

Beyond Colorblind: Being a Gospel Witness through Ethnic Identity

While society tries to be colorblind, God created each of us with an ethnic identity meant for our good. Come be empowered to use your ethnic story for gospel witness.

Bold Love: A Roadmap to Building Better Christian Community

The top reason for missionaries leaving the field is other missionaries. The top struggle Millennials have is building deep friendships as adults. Two challenges. One solution.

Bridging the Gap between Faith and Life

The significant growth of the Church often obscures its lack of impact on culture and society.

Building Bridges for Lasting Global Impact

“For such a time as this,” Christ-honoring, adult third culture kids are poised to cross deepening social, political, educational, economic, and religious divides.

Called by God: Q/SSA Christians & Missions

Christians who identify as Queer/Same-Sex Attracted (QSSA) have always participated in God’s mission.

Cross-Cultural Bonding: Living & Loving New Cultures

Jesus calls us to be faithful witnesses in both the small and surreal moments as we live cross-culturally.

Cross-Cultural Conflict Management & Resolution

Interpersonal conflict is often exacerbated by unspoken cultural differences. Explore different approaches in mediating conflict in cross-cultural contexts while cultivating mutual respect.

Demystifying Spiritual Warfare

We will talk about the existence of spiritual warfare and how chains are broken by healing the whole heart and exercising the authority Jesus has given us.

Does God Talk Back? A Workshop on Prophecy

Do we expect God to speak to us and through us when we pray? Come develop a biblical foundation and practice hearing from God in real time.

Doing Missions Like Jesus

Jesus had a distinct way of connecting with those around him. Learn how to engage in missions the way he did.

Educators Reaching the World for Christ

Education is a basic need. It holds potential to develop nations and impact the world. Learn how educators with a biblical worldview can engage in incarnational ministry.

Exploring Open Doors: Missions in Europe

Do you sense God calling you to serve in Europe? But are you still unclear about the where, the how, or what this calling means exactly?

Finding Your Calling: An Alternative to “Follow Your Passion” Advice

How many times have we been told to just “follow our passion” to discover our vocation? But this passion-first mentality has serious flaws.

Flourishing Partnership: Advancing Our Mission as Women & Men

In Genesis, we learn about God’s intent for men and women to work together to steward the created order.

Following God’s Call Through the Stages of Life

Lord willing, there will be different chapters and seasons in lives after school. Discover how to live devoted to Jesus and his mission through all of life’s transitions.

Following Jesus as Direct Communicators in Indirect Cultures

Come learn how to follow Jesus and share the gospel in cultures that are not as direct as the one you live in.

From Genesis through Revelation: Experiencing God’s Multicultural Kingdom

Hear an overview of the Bible’s faithful witness to God’s creation of the nations (ethne). He has gathered together a multicultural, diverse kingdom people.

God at Work: What’s Happening in the Middle East?

Come hear how God is at work in the Middle East. We’ll consider current issues and opportunities to reach this region with the gospel.

God Behaving Badly: Is God Really Angry, Sexist, & Racist?

Many people think of God as wrathful, smiting people for no apparent reason. The Old Testament seems to portray God as malevolent, punishing enemies with extreme prejudice.

Going Where The Church Is Not

The world has approximately five billion non-Christians, and many do not even have a church or faith community nearby.

How to Think About Global Involvement

There are many ways to think about being involved overseas and cross-culturally.

Joining God’s Mission in China

Get an overview of how rapidly Christianity in China has spread in the last 30 years.

Key Factors Reshaping Global Christian Witness

Jesus has gone global. What began in Jerusalem and spread to Asia and Europe has now reached over two billion people in every corner of the world.

Know Yourself: Identity, Context, and Missions

We preach the gospel not in words or actions, but with our whole lives—for better or worse. We must be self-aware, especially when reaching across cultures.

Listening and Partnering with the Holy Spirit in Mission

Have you ever felt lost about the next step to take or how God may be leading you?  A significant part of our Christian walk is learning how to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Loving Like God in a Hateful World: Lessons from Jonah

Jonah believed that God should only have redemptive purposes for his own people, and he actively hindered God’s plans. But his story proves that God loves all people.

Missions Opportunities among Students in the Caribbean

Explore how to reach Caribbean students with the good news.

Missions to Japan

Although the Japanese are one of the world’s largest unreached people groups, most missionaries don’t even think about going to Japan.

Mobilizing Emerging Generations: Talks that Spark Global Action

Most missionaries can remember that one sermon, the one that inspired them to commit their lives to Jesus and his global purposes.

No “Lone Rangers”: Developing Relationships with Local Believers

Missionaries can often enter a region with a “lone ranger” mindset, doing the work completely independent of local Christians or criticizing them for not having enough boldness to do evangelism the

People of Color & Missions: Engaging the Past for a Better Future

Trends of imperialism, conquest, and the development of racist ideologies undoubtedly influenced the history of missions with repercussions that continue on even today.

Raising Up Sustainable Prayer Groups

What is the biblical model for sustained prayer? Is that model applicable today, and if so, where can it be found?

Reflecting the Gospel with Global Worldviews

Understanding a person’s worldview is critical in effectively communicating the gospel.

Sabbath as Prophetic Resistance

Sabbath is more than just a day off. The culture and vision of Sabbath form a revolutionary core to our calling of justice and witness in the world.

Self-Care on the Mission Field

A major challenge in missions is staying emotionally and spiritually healthy. Together we’ll examine obstacles to self-care and learn how to stay healthy in a cross-cultural context.

Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says & Why it Matters

Many people have mixed feelings and flawed interpretations about the Old Testament. But when properly understood, it becomes a foundational part of Christian life and missions.

Short Term Missions with Long Term Impact

Going on a short-term missions trip? What will be the lasting impact for both you and your global partners? God means to disciple those he sends.

Singles & Couples: Let’s Not Do Life and Missions Alone

Sometimes we think that we’re called to do life on our own.

Staying the Course: Serving & Leading as Genuine Disciples of Jesus

Serving and leading in God’s mission is a lot of fun—until it’s not. Are you wondering how to stay strong in Christ for the long haul?

The Age of Outrage: How to Bring Our Best When the World’s at Its Worst

Together we will consider the current cultural moment along with the recent changes and opportunities for Christians to engage in the midst of our increasingly outraged society.

The Power of Race & Gender in Global Missions

Learn about the influence of gender and race in missions, and how diversity and inclusion need to be a best practice in order to reach everyone with the gospel.

The Spirituality of Generations: Shifting Questions and Pursuits

An old proverb states, “Men resemble the times more than they resemble their fathers.” In this way, each generation comes with a different feel and flavor.

The Wild Side: Living a Life of Risk and Courage

It’s often said that faith is spelled R-I-S-K. The greatest adventures with God are those where we push beyond what we can accomplish on our own and rely on Christ’s faithfulness.

Thriving as a Third Culture Family

Explore the joys, challenges, risks, and benefits of raising a family in another country. Discover how families can thrive in cross-cultural settings while pursuing God’s global mission.

Vocation and Missions: Greater Grace for the Common Good

Vocation is integral, not incidental, to the mission of God.

Walk through the Open Door

Opportunities abound for you to join God’s global mission! Discover some of the best opportunities to serve in obvious and obscure places in countries where the need for the gospel is great.

What Does it Take to be a Bible Translator?

Ever wondered what it takes to translate the Bible? Come explore how Bible translation takes shape.

Where Missionaries Cannot Tread: How Study Abroad Opens Closed Doors

What if God could use you to influence the future government, business, and culture leaders in some of the least reached places in the world . . . before you graduate?

Where the Gospel Meets Burnout

Christians believe faith without works is dead, but what happens when we take work too far?

Why Multicultural Worship Matters

Explore why the worldwide Church is divinely called to multicultural worship.

Worship: Lighting a Fire for Missions

A culture where Jesus’ first commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart,” is prioritized empowers us to follow his second commandment well, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Join us t

Your Place in God’s Global Mission as an Adult Third Culture Kid

We will explore the challenges and benefits of being an adult third culture kid as we seek our unique role in the kingdom of God.

Missions in Every Community

Athletes, Ethnicity, & the Gospel

Join former Division I athletes for a candid conversation and Q&A session. Learn how to embrace your ethnic identity and influence as an athlete to share and live out the gospel.

Collective Identity & the Gospel in the Middle East

A specialist in the study of culture discusses collective identity and the role it can play in the growth of the Church.

Confident Pluralism in the University

Recognize how we can survive and thrive together peaceably in spite of deep and sometimes irresolvable differences over politics, religion, sexuality, and other important matters.

Cultural Protocol: Honoring Creator, Creation, and His First Peoples

Learn the Creator’s heart to be good guests in every land and with every people by honoring him, his creation, and his first stewards.

Dance as Faithful Witness

God has given us a spirit and body.

Discipling International Students Reentering Creative Access Countries

International student ministry must begin with the end in mind: preparing students to successfully reenter their home country and continue to grow in their faith in Christ.

Engaging Hearts Through Art

Hear stories and experiences of how God has used an artist’s passion to go past the surface to move the hearts of those around her.

Engaging North Korea through Humanitarian Service & Business

Christians from various countries are actively, positively engaging with the people of North Korea. Come hear tangible examples and personal stories of Christians serving this nation.

Faithful Witness in a Scientific World

The scientific community is important but also can be intimidating. Discern how to confidently live out the gospel in this context.

God in the Locker Room: Recruiting Athletes for God’s Kingdom

Athletes have their own culture. They think with specific mindsets, have unique lifestyles, and struggle with their own set of issues.

How To Express Your Christian Faith and Life in North Korea

Learn how foreign Christians living and working in North Korea can express their faith.

Influencing the CEOs, Politicians, & World Changers of Tomorrow

What do Martin Luther King Jr., Ronald Reagan, Condoleezza Rice, and Warren Buffet have in common? They were members of fraternities or sororities.

Jesus, Beginnings, & Science: A Guide for Group Conversation

Is science an obstacle for faith and missions? Gain a fresh perspective on answering this difficult question.

Missional Partnerships with Indigenous Believers

When we arrive overseas to serve the Lord, we tend to make ministry plans based on our own culture and experience.

Navigating Urbana as a High School Student

How do you find your place at Urbana? What does vocational calling mean for high school students?

On-Screen Christians: Faith in Movies & TV

Christians continue to be underrepresented and misrepresented in film and on TV. Come learn how we can better represent ourselves and reflect Christ’s image in our art.

Organizing and Mobilizing Latinx Christians for Kingdom Work

Multiethnic witnessing communities on college campuses offer hope to a divided world.

Reaching Japanese College Students

Learn effective outreach strategies and how to share the gospel through the lens of reaching Japanese university students.

Reaching Q/SSA People Near & Far

God’s mission to reach all people with his love includes Queer and Same-Sex Attracted (Q/SSA) people and communities.

Science and Christianity: Resolving Conflicts and Seeking Harmony

The perceived conflict between science and Christianity causes many unchurched people to dispute Scripture and others to leave their faith.

Start Something Native

Native students are on your campus.

The Arts: A Bridge to the Gospel

God has hidden redemptive analogies in every culture of the world. Veiled in the arts, they are bridges to the gospel. The arts also help root Christianity in new cultures.

The Beautiful Intersection of Faith & Writing

Writing about matters of faith and church can be a beautiful and challenging missional activity. We will explore the calling of the Christian writer and the intersection between writing and faith.

The Hollywood Mission Field

Hollywood influences and defines our culture—which is why Christians need to be working there.

The Psychology of Song

Music continues to have a significant impact on our world. Discover why it’s important to consider cultural principles and norms before attempting to move across cultures musically.

The Secular Academy as a Mission Field: Panel Discussion

Discover how Christians can maintain their faith, overcome obstacles, and develop a sense of calling within academia.

Well Played: Sports & Mission

Sports are a space for fun, building relationships, and sharing life. They can also provide an excellent opportunity to share your faith.

Women in Academia: Living as a Faithful Witness in the University

Learn from a diverse panel of women in academia how to navigate challenges and opportunities in the university world while seeking to be a faithful witness.

Missions with the Marginalized

Anti-Trafficking in Asia: Engaging the Government & Legal Systems

While trafficking and slavery target individual victims, they are rooted in systems of laws and policies that impact entire societies.

Christians & Immigration: Being the Body of Christ

How does God call us to respond to the immigration crisis? What unique contributions are Christians called to make?

Diaspora: Missions Opportunities in our Borderless World

Our globalized world is borderless. Millions of people are migrating: immigrants, refugees, international students, business people.

Empowering the Christian Community to Respond to the Refugee Crisis

Due to the greatest refugee crisis since World War II, millions of Muslims have been displaced.

Ending Slavery in Our Lifetime: A Perspective from South Asia

God invites us to be prophetic agents of change, seeking to bring slavery to an end.

Engaging the Diaspora Community in North America

God is drawing the nations to North America. Come learn how he is calling you and your church or campus ministry to extend biblical hospitality to the displaced.

Healing Trauma's Wounds: How You Can Help Communities Here & Abroad

People of all ages from all over the world experience trauma caused by events like war, criminal activity, sexual abuse, human trafficking, natural disasters, and addictions.

Missions After War

Hear from a survivor of war—who found life in the midst of death—about how countries at war are opening their doors to outside help and missions work.

Missions to Refugees & and Displaced Peoples

In a world of increased migration caused by conflict, disasters, and abject poverty, numerous opportunities exist to reach those from places with no access to the gospel.

Pursuing Excellence in Stopping Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Ending the injustice of human trafficking is a clarion call to this generation.

Restoring Hope & Dignity to Adolescent Girls Displaced By War

In war-torn refugee populations, adolescent girls are often the most traumatized and are highly vulnerable to the effects of gripping poverty, sexual violence, and trafficking.

Rethinking Human Trafficking: Practical Ways to Provide Hope & Help Now

Seventy to eighty percent of domestic sex trafficking victims in North America come from foster care and probationary systems.  How can we change this?

Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice that Restores

Explore the history and foundation of mass incarceration, as well as Christianity’s role in its expansion.

The Church's Role in Ending Human Trafficking

We will explore the biblical foundation of justice, the current status of human trafficking around the world, and practical ways the church can engage in the fight to end modern slavery in our comm

Thinking Theologically about Global Immigration

The current immigration crisis is undoubtedly serious but not unprecedented. What does it say about our world and us? What issues of identity and idolatry may it uncover?

Walking with Urban Poor Women: Emotional Recovery & Discipleship

How do we help bring healing to wounded hearts and souls, especially among urban poor women?

Preparing to Go

Beyond Wanderlust: Study Abroad as Mission

Studying abroad isn’t just about taking classes or exploring new places. God wants to be involved in your study abroad experience and use it to shape you.

Called to Send: Supporting Those Who Go

God calls some to go and others to send.

Choosing Faith in a World of Worry

We are called to lead lives marked by faith, trust, and peace. Changing habits of worry means changing our perspective and welcoming God’s transformative work in our beliefs.

Could God Really Use Someone Like Me?

Have you ever hesitated to respond to God’s call, wondering what you could possibly do for his kingdom?

Designing Your Life: Following the Spirit’s Lead

Poet Mary Oliver asks, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” As Christians, we long to respond to this question by faithfully stewarding God’s gift of life.

Developing and Sending Global Christian Leaders from Every Nation

The need for leaders who love God and his mission in the world is greater than ever.

Evaluating Risk in the Great Commission

How do we live between “Fear not, you can only be killed" (Luke 12:4) and our desire to live comfortably? How do fear, passion, and obedience intertwine when accepting God’s calling?

Fundraising as People of Color in Ministry

God is raising up people of color in missions for such a time as this by blessing us with unique gifts in ministry.

Fundraising Strategies for People of Color

Fundraising for missions can be very challenging, but God says he will meet our needs. How can these both be true?

Go Do Say Give: The Freedom & Fruitfulness of Surrender to Jesus

Surrender to Jesus is life-defining, but fear, failure, and misunderstanding often keep us from following him.

Hermanas: Growing Latina Leadership & Influence

Learn how to be equipped as emerging Latina leaders. Grow in your relationship with Jesus as you seek to maximize your influence in this world.

How Hardship Shapes us for Ministry & Mission

Paul wanted to know “the power of [Christ’s] resurrection and participation in his sufferings” (Philippians 3:10).

New Kind of Goer: Using your Marketplace Skills Among the Unreached

Today’s geopolitical realities mean it’s time for a new kind of missionary—you!

Preparing to Go: Do I Have What it Takes?

You’ve said yes to God’s call to overseas missions. Now what?

Raising Support: Biblical Foundations & Navigating Misgivings

Deepen your biblical understanding of fundraising. Use this time and space to process some of the emotions and questions you might be wrestling with as you sense God’s call to ministry.

Sexuality & Spirituality: Kissing Cousins?

The saying goes that a man knocking on the door of a brothel is looking for God. Are sexuality and spirituality more connected than we think?

Three Core Skills Missionaries Need to Succeed

Learn what key abilities every missionary needs to build cross-cultural relationships and accomplish the gospel’s work when living abroad, based upon a groundbreaking study of 949 missionaries work

Through Dark Nights of the Soul: The Ministry of God’s Presence

God is with us, even in our hardest moments. Come learn how to navigate through depression, trauma, and a sense of hopelessness.

Who, How, What? Challenging Traditional Missions Stereotypes

Many of us think getting involved in missions requires you to be a certain type of person with a very specific skill set.

Understanding and Engaging Global Faiths

Immigration and Fear: Practical Ways to Love our Muslim Neighbors

In an era with strong viewpoints on all sides and frequent misunderstandings, how can we look like Christ to Muslims?

Jesus in Everyday Conversations: Spontaneous Bible Study with Muslims

Do you wish you could get into more spiritual conversations with Muslim friends? One of the best ways is through sharing gospel stories.

Love Your Atheist & Humanist Neighbors

Learn how to have productive conversations with unbelieving friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

Reaching Muslim Women

Muslim women on campus are a diverse group, coming from different countries with different longings, needs, and understandings of their faith.

Reaching Your Hindu Neighbor

Hindus are generally loving, hospitable, religious, and culturally diverse. However, it is not easy to reach them with the gospel.

Reaching Your Mormon Neighbor

The Church of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, constitutes a large, unreached people group, both globally and in the U.S.

Why Muslims Choose to Follow Jesus

In the last 20 years, more and more Muslims have chosen to follow Jesus despite social pressure and persecution.

Witnessing to Muslims through the Qur’an

What do you need to know about the Qur’an to help you interact with Muslim friends? Are there ways the Qur’an can help start witnessing conversations?