Urbana 18 Seminars

Learn how to follow Jesus in specific contexts from 180+ seminars taught by missions leaders from around the world. 


Generations have swung back and forth between the extremes of a Christian faith that emphasizes either evangelism or justice. But we are called to be holistic, incarnational witnesses.


It’s easy to interpret the Lord’s Prayer as, “Your kingdom come on Twitter, Facebook, etc., as it is in heaven.” Too often we post about justice, expecting to create change, but never move beyond a


While people in power have been covering up sexual abuse for millennia, the Bible boldly records the tragic stories of Sarah, Hagar, two Tamars, and Bathsheba.


Music continues to have a significant impact on our world. Discover why it’s important to consider cultural principles and norms before attempting to move across cultures musically.


Recognize how we can survive and thrive together peaceably in spite of deep and sometimes irresolvable differences over politics, religion, sexuality, and other important matters.


Although the Japanese are one of the world’s largest unreached people groups, most missionaries don’t even think about going to Japan.


A major challenge in missions is staying emotionally and spiritually healthy. Together we’ll examine obstacles to self-care and learn how to stay healthy in a cross-cultural context.


Jesus had a distinct way of connecting with those around him. Learn how to engage in missions the way he did.


A culture where Jesus’ first commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart,” is prioritized empowers us to follow his second commandment well, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Join us t


Hear from a survivor of war—who found life in the midst of death—about how countries at war are opening their doors to outside help and missions work.


We are called to lead lives marked by faith, trust, and peace. Changing habits of worry means changing our perspective and welcoming God’s transformative work in our beliefs.