Cultural Protocol: Honoring Creator, Creation, and His First Peoples

Learn the Creator’s heart to be good guests in every land and with every people by honoring him, his creation, and his first stewards. As you come humbly in your own identity and participate in cultural protocol, experience the Creator’s love and spiritual blessings.


Moanike’ala Nanod-Sitch is Native Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, and Ukrainian. Serving with InterVarsity Hawai`i since 1999, she has been part of InterVarsity’s Native Ministries Leadership Team and is the team leader of Pasifika ministries. Moanike’ala also started Hui Poly, a Native Pacific Islander focused ministry bringing faith and culture together. She’s blessed with gifts in leadership, prayer, and worship through her culture, including hula. She is the pastor of an indigenous church that seeks to bridge Native Hawaiian community and the traditional church.

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