Influencing the CEOs, Politicians, & World Changers of Tomorrow

What do Martin Luther King Jr., Ronald Reagan, Condoleezza Rice, and Warren Buffet have in common? They were members of fraternities or sororities. Before they were activists, politicians, and CEOs, they were Greek. If you want to influence tomorrow’s leaders, then Greek life may be the best place to start.


When Brian Mann joined his fraternity, he had the best of intentions to live out his faith. However, it wasn’t long before he got caught up in the craziness of pledging and parties. In the midst of this work-hard, play-hard lifestyle, God continued pursuing him, working through friends from Greek IV to reawaken his faith. This began Brian’s up-and-down journey following Jesus in his fraternity. He never would have imagined that years later, he would be called to help thousands of Greek students navigate the adventure and struggle of living as both Christians and Greek.

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