Building Bridges for Lasting Global Impact

“For such a time as this,” Christ-honoring, adult third culture kids are poised to cross deepening social, political, educational, economic, and religious divides. We will seek to connect people and communities, explore our realms of influence and cultural capital, and turn multiple perspectives into empathy and compassion under God’s leadership.


In 2012, Michael founded Daraja, which means “bridge” or “stepping stones” in Swahili, to care for, encourage, and equip children of missionaries and other Christ-honoring, third culture kids (TCKs) to fulfill their calling in the world through Christ. Raised as a preacher’s kid and TCK in Kenya, Michael committed his life to Jesus as Savior and Lord, and to his kingdom in the world by age 14. He served as a teacher and helped start two schools in Baltimore, Maryland before being called to China to work as an elementary principal at Tianjin International School. He also founded a TCK development initiative called Odyssey in 2007. Michael has coauthored Third Culture Kids.

Rachel Kuhn has a passion to serve those on the margins and build bridges of understanding in today’s increasingly globalized world. She is a third-generation missionary and a quintessential third culture kid (TCK). Her grandparents raised her mom in post-WWII Japan, and her parents met as language students in post-revolution China. Rachel and her brother were raised in Hong Kong and Taiwan, speaking Chinese and building friendships with classmates from over a dozen nations. Like most TCKs, she is adept at navigating cross-cultural differences.

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