Peacemakers: They Will Be Called Children of God

We want the world to recognize us as the children of God, a beautiful community living in harmony. Yet people so often call us by other names. Come learn how to practice biblical peacemaking as a transformative force in our own discipleship and embrace prophetic peacemaking as an indispensable form of gospel witness.


John Hartley is a scholar-diplomat based at Yale University. He founded Pathways in 2006 while studying in Iran and got his start in conflict-related work in Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire during the Liberian civil wars. John now aims to empower shrewd, transformative leadership across social boundaries typically associated with tension and conflict. Pathways features projects like Race, Islamophobia and Policing in the U.S. and Christians Engaging Global Conflict: Syria & Isis. At Yale, John convenes the Initiative on Religion, Politics, and Society. He also chairs the steering team of Evangelicals for Peace, a network of organizations equipping Christians to advance solutions to violent conflict, policies that encourage justice and peace, and the reconciliation of global enemies.

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