Urbana 15 Seminars

Business and Technology

At the Intersection of Church & Business: Announcing the Kingdom of God

How might a for-profit business bear witness to God’s reign?

Calling Technologists, Entrepreneurs and Innovators: A Different Breed of Missionaries

Globalization and global openness to capitalism has opened up new opportunities for creative approaches to missions. By pursuing excellence in our vocations and leading in the secular marketplace, we can bring economic empowerment to communities, establishing a legitimate presence to win people with the gospel and plant healthy churches.

Design in the Developing World: Using Engineering/Architecture in Missions

For over 30 years, engineers, architects, surveyors, and others have gone into the developing world to assist in the global objective of seeing the Great Commission/Great Commandment go forward han

Exercising Justice as a Christian Expatriate in a Multinational Corporation

International lifestyle and business practices can create physical, social, spiritual, and business challenges. How does a Christian leader remain salt and light in a country that’s not their own?

Hacking is Priestly Work

A new breed of digital missionaries is desperately needed—those with creativity and inventiveness, who dare to maximize their digital talents and expertise to make a huge impact for Jesus.

How to Start a Social Business

Learn the key steps to starting a for-profit social business that can expand God’s kingdom in places of poverty.

Investing in Kingdom Companies

Learn about the crucial issues in effectively mobilizing and deploying seven forms of strategic, patient capital into kingdom business ventures.

Jesus on Instagram: How Social Media Can Further God’s Global Mission

Should we Instagram worship? What do disciples snap? Can Twitter nurture faith? Can someone convert on Facebook? Why does my data matter? How many connections are too many?

Missional Lessons from Investing in Southeast Asia

The future of missions is on the wings of business. Increasingly, people are joining church planting teams around the world using their careers.

Ten Lessons Learned from Failure Over Sixteen Years in Three Startups

Having started/run three startups ($120M+ in financing), I’ve done some impossibly stupid things and squandered all sorts of opportunities to share God’s love. But God has taught me much.

The Power of Technology & Mass Collaboration to Change Churches & Communities

We live in an unprecedented time when technology enables us to connect instantaneously with someone on the opposite side of the world.

Global Issues

Can We End Slavery?

This seminar will offer an in-depth look at human trafficking/slavery in our world today, from personal accounts to big-picture research.

Christian Protesters & Peacemakers in the Midst of War

This seminar tells the story of Ukrainian Christians becoming part the largest revolutionary events in the Western world since the breakdown of Berlin Wall.

Disappearing Daughters in India & China

We will look into the tragic stories of women silenced by sex-selective abortion and infanticide.

Even Superheroes Need a Protector: a Godly Response to Sexual Abuse

Many young people in the Church have been sexually abused by those whom they have been taught to love, trust, and obey.

Faith and Doubt in the Midst of Suffering

How can faith deal honestly with the brokenness in our world--and in our everyday lives? Kent has worked for fifteen years in places of extreme poverty. In this seminar he will share ideas about how we can find better ways to cope than losing our faith, or numbing ourselves with clichés about God’s plan.

Finishing the Task? The Unreached People Group Challenge

The term “unreached people group” is used a lot. What exactly does it mean? How do we identify the unreached groups, and how many are left? What does it mean to “finish the task”?

How World Christianity Impacts How We Do Missions

The traditional approach and understanding of missions as a commodity of the West “exported” to the rest of the world has largely disappeared! Missions is now “from everywhere to everywhere”!

Introduction to Native Christians: Culture, Worldview, & Values

Native Christianity explores how Amerindians have taken the gospel and made it their own.

Jesus’ Response to Orphans, Vulnerable Children, & Women

Come and wrestle with the hard reality a person faces when they have no mother or father. But Jesus walks faithfully with those living this reality.

Lessons from #Blacklivesmatter - St Louis: A Panel Discussion

Join our panel discussion in which St Louis faith leaders reflect on some lessons they have learned from their engagement with the #Blacklivesmatter movement. The discussion will include an opportunity to ask questions and engage around issues of #Blacklivesmatter and the Gospel, solidarity with the oppressed, and engaging the broader Christian community.

Making Sense of Climate Change: Questions, Solutions, and the Church's Role

Climate change is a mounting injustice impacting communities across the world. It remains a polarizing and confusing issue in much of the American church. What's going on, what needs to be done, and how are Christians on the forefront of responding to this growing humanitarian and environmental crisis?

Ministry Among Children of War & the Truth of Human Trafficking

From the war in Uganda, thousands of children were raped, forced to inflict unspeakable violence on others, and exposed to human trafficking as they sought a better life.

New Frontiers in Missions: The Gospel Amidst Global Environmental Crises

Similar to the development of medical missions in the last century, environmental missions is a growing frontier with unique opportunities for service and witness at home and abroad.

Open-Hearted & Open-Armed: Thinking Theologically About Global Immigration

In this decade of the refugee-migrant, how do we respond biblically to what is becoming a global crisis with a frighteningly high human cost?

People on the Move (Diaspora) & Short-Term Mission

We live in a borderless world with people constantly on the move—refugees, migrant workers, international students, people moving their families from their home country to another location.

Redeeming Sex: A Missional Perspective on the Theology of Sexuality, Gender, & Identity

Relationships, identities, orientations, mores, and even such seemingly straightforward concepts like gender are creating battle lines between the Church and broader society.

Spiritual Warfare for Leaders & Global Missions

We will explore some aspects of prayer as spiritual warfare—the wardrobe, the warriors, the war-field, the warfare, and winners—in our call to be effective witnesses and soldiers for Christ in glob

The Challenge of Religious Freedom Around the World

Headlines have focused the world's attention on the plight of persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Meanwhile in Western societies, religion is on the decline and increasingly seen as the problem. How do Christians respond gracefully and with a positive message in the face of threats to religious freedom?

The Global Scripture Translation Movement

A common framework for Scripture translation is emerging that addresses the urgency of the need with faster access to usable Scriptures.

The Impact of Racial Reconciliation in Missions

Humanity is facing the tragedy of racial conflicts, and these conflicts are a hindrance to the mission of God.

The Implications of Western Policy in the Church & Politics on the MENA Region

Learn how real political or church decisions have affected the church in the Middle Eastern and North African regions.

The State of the World: The Task that Remains

Over a century ago, thousands of students shared the rallying cry “The evangelization of the world in this generation.” Is the end in sight or getting further away?

What Does it Mean to be a Follower of Jesus in Palestine?

This seminar looks at the Christian presence in Palestine and the challenges of survival. How can one be a good follower of Christ?

What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You: Unexpected Changes in Global Mission

In a world of unprecedented change, staying abreast of worldwide trends in Church and mission around the world is more essential yet more difficult than ever.

When Disaster Hits: Relevant Response for Renewal

When disaster hits, there are messes to clean up, but there is also an opportunity to help local believers better connect to their communities.


Biblical Basis for Healthcare Missions

God commissions us in Matthew 28 to perform several clear tasks. How can you prepare to be a disciple-maker in healthcare missions?

Child Health in the Majority World: A Billion Reasons to Hope

Children of the poor bear a disproportionate burden of death and disease. God’s heart for justice and mercy draws us to invest in reversing this trend.

Global Mental Health & Trauma: The Church’s Next Great Challenge

The global Church is discovering its strategic role in healing the invisible wounds of trauma and mental illness as part of holistic mission.

God’s Call to the Healthcare Professional

What is the content of God’s call to those of us in healthcare? What does a “called” healthcare professional do?

Healthcare Ministry: Exploring Opportunities to be Part of God's Story

God has called you into healthcare. It is easy to get distracted by the world, consumed with fear, and overwhelmed by the need.

Medicine as Mission: Living Out the Gospel Through Healthcare Among the Poor

A growing movement of Christian health professionals are choosing daily to engage broken and marginalized communities by showing and sharing Jesus’ love through healthcare.

Putting the Parts Together: Offering Whole Person Care

With a dominant focus on treating physical ailments, healthcare can easily fragment people. Providers overlook that their patients are psychosocial and spiritual, as well as physical, beings.

Risk, Safety, & Faith: Missions in an Era of Ebola & Terrorism

Working for 22 years in East Africa means grappling with the same threats that face our neighbors. When are we called to face the dangers of war and disease?

Teaching, Preaching, & Healing Like Jesus as a Healthcare Professional

This interactive session on the benefits of being a healthcare professional, both nationally and internationally, highlights the missions opportunities and long-term impacts—medically and spiritual

The True Global Health Challenge

What is the Christian understanding of “health”?


Co-Creating Sustainable Change with People in Poverty

Poverty affects many people. Christians are called to be agents of change.

Developing a Theology & Practice of Shalom

What is the biblical approach to dealing with a world full of problems?

Faith-Rooted Organizing: Mobilizing the Church for the Under-Resourced

Obeying God’s call to love mercy and do justice requires us to carry out whole gospel mission.

Ferguson is Everywhere: Replicating Ferguson Activists - Faith-Based Partnerships - A Panel Discussion

This seminar will feature youth activists from Hands Up United and prominent clergy leaders in Ferguson, Missouri, who were at the forefront of the Ferguson resistance to systemic racism and struct

God’s Voice & Call to the Inner City

Beth and Ivan Paz will share how the voice of Jesus has taken them on an exciting adventure through places like inner-city streets and prison.

How to Actually Do Racial Reconciliation & Pursue Racial Justice

Many of us value racial reconciliation, but few of us actually practice it.

Leading like Jesus: The Intersection of Embodied Service & Power

Jesus was a powerful prophet and healer, and a humble gifted teacher. How do we lead like Jesus with power and with humility? We usually do this badly by becoming either too big or too little.

Our Call to Justice: From Genesis to Revelation

Learn to see violent injustice in our world today through the lens of the whole story of Scripture, allowing God to form us in Jesus Christ as he prepares, sends, and goes with us into his work of

Responding to Injustice - Live Christ's Teaching about Justice and Evangelism

What is Christ’s teaching about love, justice, and violence? This seminar will provide an overview of injustice and its impact on evangelism in developing countries.

Roadmap to Reconciliation

Are you already exploring reconciliation? Move beyond introductory questions toward a greater understanding of reconciliation as a process and ongoing journey.

Slow Kingdom Coming: Practices for Doing Justice, Loving Mercy, & Walking Humbly in the World

Now is the time to start practicing a lifetime commitment to thoughtful justice.

The Vocation of Law in God’s Global Mission to Bring Justice & Wholeness

The opportunities to use legal knowledge and experience to implement justice in contexts outside the U.S. are real and plentiful. Come hear exciting examples from Uganda Christian University.

Understanding Human Rights and Freedoms in the Light of God's Work in Syria

The understanding of “freedom” and “human rights” is a significant challenge to deal with.

Unleashing Justice: Strategies to Intersect Race, Faith, & Justice on Your Campus

Using the award winning film 3 1/2 Minutes as a primary source of shared experience and conversation, we’ll explore the intersection of justice, race, and faith.

White Identity in an Increasingly Multiethnic World

I trust that God’s patient love can redeem White identity, enabling us to develop healthy interracial relationships and transforming unjust institutions.

Women, Incarnation, & Mission: A Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with plenty of Q&A time about the joys, challenges, and day-to-day realities of being a woman ministering in urban slums around the world.

Missions 101

A Call to Mission = A Call to Be Transformed

A call to join God’s mission team is not just a call to be an instrument of change in others. It is just as much a call to be changed ourselves.

A History of Latinos in Missions

Latinos have long played a critical role in expanding God’s kingdom as missionaries.

Challenge of the Church in Russia

What challenges do Christian student ministries and the church in Russia face?

Challenges & Opportunities of the Church in the English (Anglo) Caribbean

Tracing a brief history of the Caribbean church in the English-speaking (Anglo) Caribbean, we’ll highlight some of the major challenges which the church must confront today.

China's Metropolitan Moment: The Urban Legend that Isn't

China’s cities will be one billion by 2030. This unprecedented surge is having a huge impact on society, with opportunities for the gospel.

Convergence: Recapturing the Power of Community for Prayer & Mission

Come and hear how God is bringing together prayer, mission, and research all in the context of Christian community, and how the kingdom of God is breaking through as a result.

Discerning Vocation: Asking the Right Questions

“What is the good work to which we are called?” This seminar considers the six defining questions that we need to ask ourselves on our journey to discover the answer to this particular question.

Don't Let Singleness Stop You: Everyday Stories of Life on the Field

Are you wondering if you can fully and freely serve as a single missionary? What are the benefits and challenges as a single person? Can you embrace a desire for marriage while serving unmarried?

Ethics: Learning to Make Hard Choices

In a world full of diverse worldviews, it is not easy to live as a disciple of Jesus.

Finding & Being a Mentor

Mentoring: Millennials want it. Boomers do it. How can we improve the process? A millennial will share how he connected with his mentor and the benefits he experienced from the relationship.

Friendship at the Margins: Discovering Mutuality in Service & Missions

How do we avoid the objectification of those we want to serve? Many missional initiatives lack the accountability of relationships.

Global Partnership: Toward More Effective Kingdom Impact Across Cultures

Beyond seeing partnership as an exchange of resources or going into other people’s context to do projects, how do we empower one another for kingdom purposes?

Glocal (Global + Local) Mission in the Canadian Context

Learn about the current realities of engaging in missions globally and locally in Canada, hear stories of fresh expressions of glocal mission, and explore emerging horizons.

God Behaving Badly: Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist, & Racist?

The Old Testament seems to portray God as capricious and malevolent, punishing enemies with extreme prejudice. Is this our God?

Latin America: Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

“My home is your home.” Come learn about the rich and diverse reality of student ministry in Latin America—both the stories and the challenges.

Limitless: The Future of Missions in the Twenty-First Century

This seminar will challenge traditional mission paradigms as we explore the limitless possibilities for everyday people to join in the spread of the gospel to those who have never heard it.

Living & Working Cross-Culturally as an Expatriate for God: Opportunities & Pitfalls

Our citizenship is in heaven, not a single country. We’ll explore various aspects of living and working cross-culturally, including career, family, and personal dynamics.

Made for More: Refresh Your Perspective About Your Place in God's Story

Get a taste of God’s unchanging global purposes & how you can co-labor with him as he works to complete all he has planned. Using the key ideas of the Perspectives Course, this seminar will look at scripture, history, and culture to learn how God’s story is unfolding among all peoples.


Making Choices: When Cultural Values & Kingdom Values Collide

When we engage in cross-cultural ministry, we will often wonder what is right, what is good, and what the wisest decision to make is.

Missions for the Long Haul: The Necessity of Three Neglected Spiritual Disciplines

Christians have been praying, studying Scripture, serving, and worshiping for centuries, yet many still run out of energy for the long haul. Why?

Missions in a Catholic-Dominant Context: The Case of Francophone Africa

In a Catholic-dominant missions context, the many “Christianisms” that exist can cause confusion and lead observers to ask, Where can I find the true message of salvation—and what is it exactly?

Mobilizing Your Church Through Short-Term Mission

Short-term mission can be one of the most powerful tools you can use to mobilize your church for mission. This, however, starts with a change in our understanding of short-term mission.

Reading the Bible with Joy

“Your words were found and I ate them, they became for me a joy and the delight of my heart” (Jer. 15:16).

Receiving the Father's Love: The Gospel Through an Honor/Shame Lens

Original sin led to shame, pain, and fear, as well as guilt. How does God’s unconditional love meet us in these conditions? How do we read the Bible with an honor/shame lens?

Self-Care on the Field: Cross-Cultural Adjustment, Stress & Sabbath

The challenges of serving cross-culturally demand that we first take good care of ourselves. What are the essentials of self-care?

Spiritual Disciplines for the Busy Person

How do we operate from a place of rest in the busyness of life?

Student Ministry in Cuba

God is at work among high school and college students in Cuba. How does this mission unfold in the midst of a complex context?

Taking Manuscript Study Back to Campus & Church

If you’ve enjoyed learning God’s story at Urbana 15, come receive training to lead manuscript study back home.

Western Christians in Global Missions

If we add the amazing growth of the church in the Majority World to the reality of the global missionary force (from Korea, Brazil, Nigeria, India, etc.) to the post-Christian, still-needy conditio

Westerners in the Developing World: Avoiding Cultural Domination & Neo-Colonialism

In addition to the gospel, Western missionaries often bring a spectrum of financial, educational, and cultural capital to the mission field, leading to imbalances of power between them and those th

Why Can't We Be Friends? Building the Kingdom Together

By learning to focus on unity using John 17 as the plumb line, Catholics and non-Catholics can work together in sharing the gospel with the lost.

Women in the World Mission: The Untold Story

From the very beginning, women have had a long and glorious history of advancing God’s mission around the world. And yet too often, that history has been untold and hidden.

World Christianity: Jesus' People in Asia, Africa & Latin America

Jesus is Lord. This shattering truth is vibrating in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, where the cutting edge of the global Christian community is emerging.

Your Mission Is Too Small: Building Gospel Partnerships Across Historic Church Divides

Jesus prayed that his followers would be one, so that the world would know he was sent by the Father. Can Christians from various church bodies work together to proclaim the good news? How?

Your Place in God's Global Mission

What does it mean to integrate life for Christ’s global purpose as a “world Christian”?

Missions in Every Sector

A Cross-Cultural Mission in North America

One of the most unreached people groups in the world is right here in North America. Less than 1 percent of the Québecois people are Christians.

Artists in God's Global Mission: Find Your Unique Contribution

Artists offer imagination and beauty to the body of Christ and bring shalom to the world.

But We Have Needs in Our Own Community

Given the needs in our own community, is it unwise or hypocritical for us as black people to get involved in cross-cultural missions?

Can I Really Do Arts in Mission?

Join us to dialogue about the connections between arts ministry and its applications to worship, justice issues, trauma healing, community development, church planting, and more.

Challenging the Comfortable: Storytelling Through Photojournalism

We are being handed opportunities to raise the standards of journalism and photography by highlighting unmet needs and by telling stories of God’s presence in this world.

Church Planting: More Difficult Than You Think

What is a church? There are 3100+ language groups without one!

Consider Your Study Abroad Year as Missions

Boldly engage our beautiful and broken world while earning college credit.

Developing Your Mind for God's Global Mission

Global poverty. Inter-faith engagement. Church planting. These require more than a prayerful spirit, a willing heart, and an available body.

East Asian Mission Movements

Though there are many challenges to reaching Asia’s inlands and frontiers with the gospel, a maturing East Asian church exists and is growing in mission awareness and involvement.

Engaging International Students on Campus

Over one million international students and scholars study in the U.S., and the number continues to increase. More than ever, our campuses reflect the diversity of the world’s cultures.

Everyone's Work is Missions

God made us in his image to work in his kingdom—it was meant to be fun, meaningful, and fruitful. But we all know how broken it is! Explore the opportunities for mission in any job you do.

Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents

Go to the right school. Become a doctor or lawyer. Marry a nice Asian. These are some of the hopes our Asian parents have for us.

Get Your Dance On

This is a space for trained dancers who are interested in exploring how their art can integrate with their lives of faith.

God's Global Mission & Graduate School

What does God’s global mission have to do with graduate school? Why would a mission-minded Christian choose to spend years in schooling?

Greek Ministry: A Story of Brotherhood & Sisterhood

We believe that God longs to see fraternity and sorority students’ lives transformed by Jesus so that they can be salt and light in their chapters and use their influence for kingdom purposes.

Holistic Missions & Community Development: A Latin American Perspective

This seminar will tackle singular aspects of Christian mission in Latin America, including the concrete results of past decades as well as the challenges.

Holistic Missions & Community Development: An African Perspective

Holistic missions and community development from an African perspective involve going beyond just “evangelism” or “discipleship.” Real partnerships with people are needed to bring deep gospel trans

Incarnational Missions Practices in Our Cities

How can we learn to follow Jesus into mission? And how does the incarnation of God, in Jesus, inform how we go about our lives and our connections with people?

Is the Bible Gay Affirming?

Has the Bible been interpreted incorrectly regarding gays and lesbians? Did the biblical authors correctly understand the modern phenomenon of a gay orientation? With grace and truth, Dr.

Latinos as a Missions Sending Force

The emergence of the Latin American church is transforming the face of Christian missions.

Leading in a Multicultural World

“Flexing” is the art of switching between styles to engage people who are different from you. Our connected marketplace demands this ability.

Life in a Slum: Living as Good News to Those Who Suffer

Find out what you need to bring when entering into the hard places where Jesus, the radical, is calling you. Take this opportunity to get ready.

Living Free in a Sexually Liberated World

How can Christians pursue sexual purity in a sex-saturated world? Can there be freedom from deep-rooted, sinful temptations?

Ministering Cross-Culturally to Latinos

The Latino population is greatly increasing in the U.S., and its influence is being felt across the globe.

Misison to the Artists

Artists are some of the most influential people in our society. They influence our society, but who is influencing their thinking and their soul?

Mission Opportunities for Christian Women Today

Christian women are encouraged to see themselves in God’s bigger design and to use their gifts to further God’s kingdom.

Money & Mammon: Can Faith Flourish with Wealth?

The world tells us to get rich to find joy, but Jesus warns that riches can ruin your life. The world says that money is power, but Jesus says that money can corrupt, deceive, and destroy.

Music Shaping the Faith & Practice of the Global Church

Beginning with a few practices and principles of biblically based worship, this seminar will highlight the impact of Western music on the history and life of the global Church and then present a mo

Prayer & the Kingdom: Learning to Pray "In the Spirit"

We are called to witness to the reign of Christ, that our work would be “kingdom work.” This seminar will consider how the prayer “thy kingdom come” can inform and infuse our daily lives with a vis

Question & Answer Session with the Urbana Performing Artists

Hear from the experienced artists on the Performing Arts Team; then ask your questions too. What is art good for? How does art relate to missions?

Race, Common Memory, & Community: Taking the Conversation to the Next Level

“Where community is to be formed, common memory must be created.” Throughout U.S. history, the Declaration of Independence has been referenced as our foundation of equality.

Reaching Your Fellow Athletes Through Team Outreach Bible Studies

Gain vision, identify resources, and learn strategies for starting and leading team outreach Bible studies that leverage your influence and utilize team relationships to give opportunities for ever

Serving in Missions in an African Context

Africans are a people with very strong cultural beliefs that were inherited from their ancestors. Knowledge about African beliefs and culture is thus critical for effective missions work.

Student Ministry in Times of Crisis: A Case Study of the Ebola Outbreak

During the Ebola outbreak, students did not wait to graduate before responding to this global emergency.

The Gospel & Sexual Identity

The gay community is one of the most unreached people groups in North America.

The Intersection of Science & God

How does the story of Christianity intersect with modern science? How can a Christian simultaneously believe the Bible and scientific theories? How can a credible scientist be Christian?

The Missional Professor in Universities Outside North America

Perhaps the three most influential square feet on earth today are the three feet behind a university lectern. Equally influential is the research flowing out of these universities.

The Next Worship: Practicing Hospitality & Mutuality in Diverse Worship

We can work toward seeing every tribe and tongue reconciled and celebrating diversity at the “table” of corporate worship.

The Secular Academy as a Mission Field: A Panel Discussion

Engage in dialogue with a faculty member, a researcher, and a campus minister regarding missional life in higher education.

The Story Project

Come learn how to integrate The Story Project to enhance telling your stories when you get back on your campus.

Through the Bamboo Ceiling: Unpacking the Asian Leadership Journey

Culture profoundly impacts interpersonal dynamics including how one relates to peers, professors, and managers.

Why We are Committed to Diverse Worship

Come hear a biblical basis for diverse worship, some frameworks and values that shape the Urbana 15 Worship Team’s approach, and some practical ways to bring the Urbana worship experience back with

Women in Academia: Finding Life in the University: A Panel Discussion

This seminar features a diverse faculty panel addressing issues facing women as they seek to be faithful to God’s call to be a redeeming influence in the university.

Writing & Publishing as a Missional Vocation

Can using my gifts and interests in writing and editing be a part of God’s mission?

Preparing to Go

Beyond Awkward: Getting Beyond Your Comfort Zone to Share Jesus with Your Friends

Does the idea of sharing your faith bring up fear, tension, or awkwardness? This seminar can help you move beyond the awkward and into breakthrough with friends in your life. 

Challenges of the Church in Central Asia

Central Asia is comprised of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, all predominantly Muslim, former-Soviet-Union countries.

Cross-Cultural Relationships in Mission: Teamwork, Conflicts, & More

Building meaningful relationships in cross-cultural teams and projects is crucial.

Exceptional People with Disabilities for Missions

Nicole has been a paraplegic since she was 10 years old. She spent two years in China ministering to university students and has been on mission trips to El Salvador and India.

Fundraising Strategies for People of Color

This seminar is designed to help the ethnic minority community be more equipped to gather financial resources for the calling God has for them in the North American context.

Fundraising that Manifests God's Kingdom

Come and hear stories of how missions not only impacts those who are served, but also those who are part of the missionary’s support team.

Global Sojourners: Making the Most of Your Transition from Home & Back

Giving your whole life to God’s global purposes will likely take you outside your own culture. Find out what it means to cross cultures effectively.

Living the Radical Life

Our culture puts pressure on us to live a safe and self-centered life. We have the freedom to make choices to that end, but it will cause us to miss out on the “life that is truly life” (1 Tim 6:19). Come learn how to fight against the norm and live in light of eternity.

No Lone Rangers: How to Enjoy Life Together as a Mission Team

Find out about the joys and challenges of serving God together in cross-cultural contexts.

Preparing to Go: Do I have what it takes?

You’ve surrendered and said “yes” to the call. Now what?

The Daily Life of a Disciple-Making Disciple

What does the Great Commission look like in everyday life? This seminar will explore what disciple-making looks like right where you live and wherever God leads.

Transition 101: High School Students @Urbana

Urbana can be a little bit like drinking from a firehose (#drenched). We are here to help you navigate the conference as a grade 12 student (#protips).


Beautiful Feet: Unleashing Women to Everyday Witness

Romans 10:15 says, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news,” yet many women feel like we are not cut out for evangelism.

Bring Your Friends to Faith in Your Small Group!

Come hear stories about how God is using students to lead their friends to faith in their small groups in unprecedented numbers.

Evangelism to Latino College Students

Learn tools and paradigms that will further equip you in reaching Latino students on college campuses.

Holy Spirit & Witness: Campus Edition

In Acts 1:8, Jesus promised his disciples that they would receive power to be his witnesses.

How to Use English Language as Missions & Means of Evangelism (in Eurasia)

Do you desire to share your faith with English learners? We will present and discuss how to use English clubs, movie nights, and camps in ministry.

Incarnational Cross-Cultural Evangelism: What Can We Learn from Jesus?

How can we share the gospel in culturally relevant and sensitive ways?

Love Your Atheist Neighbor

Learn how to have conversations with atheists as we examine common atheist arguments and tactics.

Our Chinese Neighbors: Reaching Chinese in North America

Chinese are coming to North America in ever greater numbers, often as international students but increasingly as immigrants. Many of them are incredibly open to Christian faith.

Reaching the Strangers Next Door: Unreached People Groups & Church Planting

Migration blurs the boundary between home and international missions. About twelve hundred unreached people groups live in the West.

Start Something New on Campus

Whether you are a student who wants to start a missional group on campus, a church leader who wants to reach your local college, or a faculty member who wants to mentor Christian students, this sem

Starting Something Nuevo: Reaching Latinos for Christ

Each year more Latino students arrive on campus and find few ministries that are intentionally welcoming and reaching them with the gospel.

Teaching & Reaching the Oral World

Find out how to understand the values of the oral world and the key principles needed for the gospel to take root in this type of community in a sustainable way, as soon as it enters.

World Religions

A Christian Response to ISIS & Boko Haram

This seminar will suggest practical ways in which Christians can respond to militant Islamic groups, such as ISIS and Boko Haram.

Christian Responses to the Five Faces of Islam

The session will explore appropriate, biblical, Christlike ways Christians can respond to the different faces of Islam.

Communicating Christ with Buddhists, Hindus & Muslims

Come hear stories of Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims who have come to faith in Jesus as Lord. What drew them? What blocked them? What are differences between these faiths?

Connecting with Muslim Women

Does your circle of friends include Muslim women? This seminar will explore ways in which male and female Christians can meaningfully connect with Muslim women and their families.

Engaging with Your Hindu Neighbor

Come learn how to study the mindset of your Hindu neighbor and engage them to find ways to present Christ through your lifestyle.

Missions in a Hindu Context

Learn about the Hindu belief system and discover how to present Christ in a Hindu context.

Mormonism: Cult or Culture? A Contextualized Approach to Ministry Among Mormons

New ministry approaches to Mormonism take a missiological approach, treating Mormons not as cultists but as whole persons embedded in a cultural identity.

Nurturing Cross-Cultural Relations

Do you find it difficult to connect with people from other cultures?

Proclaiming the Gospel in a Confucian & Buddhist Context

The unique characteristics of Confucian cultures and a Confucian mindset will be explored. And the lessons from historical interaction between Christianity and Confucianism will be cited.

Speaking Like Jesus: Sharing Your Faith with Muslims

Communication between Christians and Muslims tends to hit a dead end. Come and learn from our Savior’s example how to tell the story of salvation to Muslims.

The Quran, Islam, & the Gospel

Learn about the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam, and its relationship to Muslims. Come and learn how you can tell the story of Jesus in an effective way.

Violence and Hope in the Middle East: ISIS, Islam, and Jesus

Who are the Jihadists and why do we need to know about militant Islam? What does Islam say about the violence in the Middle East? These are important questions. Despite the crushing realities happening in this part of the world, God is working. Come and listen to what Jesus is doing among Muslims in these dark times and find your role in sharing the story of hope to Muslims.

Why Is It So Hard to Discuss the Gospel with Jewish People?

Cross-cultural communication is at the heart of our gospel method with people of other religious traditions like Jewish people.

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