The Power of Technology & Mass Collaboration to Change Churches & Communities

We live in an unprecedented time when technology enables us to connect instantaneously with someone on the opposite side of the world. This presents us an opportunity to rethink missions, to use technology to change the world, and to collaborate with others who share this mission.

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Ali Llewellyn (@adllewellyn) works on expanding the scale and scope of public-private mass collaborations that improve governance and engage citizens in creating a better world. Her background in education, cross-cultural communication, and theology provides the passion and articulation necessary to help companies and communities take their mission to the next level. She was a cofounder of NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge and National Day of Civic Hacking, two of the largest mass collaborations in history, and has traveled widely with a vision to ignite church planting movements in the nations.

Nick Skytland (@skytland) is passionate about using technology to address significant social and community issues while advancing the gospel. He has extensive experience leading collaborative initiatives and is cofounder of NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge and the National Day of Civic Hacking, two of the largest mass collaborations in history. His background includes designing next generation space suits, training space bound astronauts, developing open-source software, and traveling the world.

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