Missions in Every Community

The perceived conflict between science and Christianity causes many unchurched people to dispute Scripture and others to leave their faith. Together we will consider the question of creation and evolution to illustrate how to resolve seeming conflicts. Explore how and why science and faith can coexist and how you as a Christian can help dispel controversies with those around you.

International student ministry must begin with the end in mind: preparing students to successfully reenter their home country and continue to grow in their faith in Christ. But sensitive and closed countries can present many challenges. We'll discuss step-by-step plans for preparing people to return home, including discipleship topics, in-country connections, and how to communicate safely.

Music continues to have a significant impact on our world. Discover why it’s important to consider cultural principles and norms before attempting to move across cultures musically. Explore practical ways to harness the power of music, “the universal language,” in order to humbly expand God’s kingdom.