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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Urbana 15! We rely on the generosity of volunteers like you to perform crucial tasks to help make the conference run smoothly.

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Daily Servant Registration will be open August 3rd. More information on specific dates/times and service opportunities will be available in the summer.

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By volunteering full time, you are agreeing to arrive in St. Louis by 4 p.m. on Saturday, December 26 and be available December 27-31 to perform conference specific tasks.

Register as staff if you work for InterVarsity/USA, Inter-Varsity Canada, or Groupes Bibliques Universitaires et Collégiaux du Canada. This includes ongoing staff, part-time staff members (working less than 30 hours per week), limited-term employees, provisional appointees, and official volunteers.

If you’re the spouse of a staff person, begin your registration by selecting I am not a student.

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“Urbana is the most strategic missions conference on earth… It’s worth more than a year at college.”

George Verwer
Missionary and Founder of Operation Mobilization