Global Witness

Global Witness through Your Work

How career can contribute to God's Kingdom

“Those who had been scattered by the persecution … Some of them ... went to Antioch and began to speak to Greeks … and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.” — Acts 11:19-21

Throughout history and around the world, the vast majority of God’s band of world changers have always been ordinary disciples, living and working as salt and light among neighbors and colleagues. God’s people have brought God’s story and ways with them across cultural and political boundaries as they’ve moved through life, work, and all kinds of displacement. And the gospel has spread!

Today, two-thirds of the world, including most of the least reached, live in places where missionaries cannot go. But those same countries desperately need and eagerly welcome skilled professionals in countless fields – workers who can live and share the good news in natural networks created by their daily working lives.

As we're in Acts, consider:

Miracles stand out, but how do we also see God using the natural strengths, gifts, and vocational skills God has given people helping to advance the work of God?


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