Your Major, Your Work & God’s Mission


God’s mission is too important to be left just to missionaries. For too long, there’s been a divide between sacred and secular, causing Christians to choose between ministry and work. But what if work has always been ministry in God’s design? What if your job was always meant to be the central means of God’s mission? Join us to examine the theology of work and how a fresh look at the intersection of work and ministry changes everything.

: December 29, 1:45 pm
: ICC 205-207
Paul Van Der Werf

Paul Van Der Werf loves exploring overlooked places and connecting with college students to help them find their place in God’s global mission. He also loves iced mochas, reading, bike rides with his family, marathons, going to new places, and playing ultimate frisbee. Paul has lived in four countries, visited all 50 states, and traveled to over 50 countries. He’s an entrepreneurial leader who’s started new ministries, a national student missions and prayer network, and is the founder and Executive Director of GoCorps.