Renarrating Our Stories of Work


You could spend 103,000 hours of your life working. The world’s stories of work point us toward work as a means to making money or personal fulfillment. But is there more? Come learn how God’s story shapes this major part of our lives and how we can serve in God’s mission through our work.

: December 29, 4:45 pm
: Sagamore 3
Wendy Quay

Wendy Quay serves as the Vocational Discipleship Specialist in InterVarsity’s Pacific Region. She was born in Malaysia and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. She practiced law in Melbourne for several years before studying theology at Oxford University, the University of Aberdeen, and more recently at the Akrofi-Christaller Institute in Ghana. She loves helping students and faculty articulate the connections between our Christian faith and all of life, and she seeks to do this wherever she goes. 

James Allaway

James Allaway started working in retail before moving into software engineering, and he vividly remembers his struggle with the disintegration between his work and faith. Since then, James has worked with college students around the world to help students integrate their studies with their faith. He is a 2022 Pollard Scholar at the Center for Faithful Business in Seattle Pacific University. James is married to Jen, and they live in Vancouver, Canada with their three wonderful children. Between the five of them, they hold three different nationalities.

Global Witness Through Your Work