World Changers

Lead Life-changing Small Groups at Urbana

Deepen your leadership skills. Guide fellow Urbana participants through three Bible studies from the book of Acts. And invite them to make a decision to follow Jesus. Do all this and more through Urbana’s World Changers Cohort — a curated, holistic leadership experience for students and recent grads. Space is limited; sign up for updates below!

Bible Study Training
Learn how to facilitate a Bible study and call to faith by being equipped with step-by-step scripts for each of the three small groups you will be leading.
Image of Students in Bible Study
Image of Coaching
Expert Coaching
You are not alone! You will be placed on a team with other cohort members along with a coach to encourage and equip you for your time at Urbana.
Holistic Leadership
Develop key habits of a holistic leader and courageous follower of Jesus — whether staying at home with family, reaching out to others on campus, or exploring your calling in the world.
Holistic Leadership
Exclusive Access
Exclusive Access
Cohort members will have unique access to world-class teachers, trainers, and pastors during four special sessions at Urbana. Plus, you’ll receive awesome World Changers Cohort swag!
In Community
As a small group leader, you can identify two other participants you’d like to be in your small group. These can be close friends, younger students you’d like to mentor, or people who will help you feel supported as you lead.

Cohort Member Requirements

  • Dedicated follower of Jesus
  • Attend Urbana 22
  • Current undergraduate or graduate student, or recent alum (Class of 2021 or 2022)


Complete Online Prep Sessions

Part of your training will include completing short online prep sessions (approximately one-hour total) before you arrive. This will help prepare you to lead at Urbana.

Check in with Your Coach

As a member of the cohort, you will be matched with an expert coach who will support you as you prepare to lead your small group at Urbana. You’ll check in at least once with them before you arrive on-site.

Attend Pre-Conference Orientation

The World Changers Cohort will have its kickoff orientation immediately following the first evening session of Urbana on Dec. 28.

Join the World Changers Cohort

Join the cohort by registering for Urbana 22. Register soon to lock in the best rates and save your spot in the cohort!


How do I register for the cohort?

During your Urbana registration, select “World Changers Cohort.” From there, complete your Urbana registration, and you will receive a World Changers Cohort acceptance email confirmation.

I’m not a current student or recent alum. Can I still join the cohort?

Unfortunately not. The World Changers Cohort will be made up of leaders who are current students or recent alumni (Class of 2021 or 2022). But there are many, many opportunities for everyone at Urbana to experience life-changing community and messages. We can’t wait to see you!

How exactly will my Urbana experience be different if I join the cohort?

Your schedule will be the same as any participant except for:

  • leading small groups during small group time
  • one on-site orientation the first day you arrive at Urbana
  • three afternoon cohort sessions (two of which overlap with recorded seminar times)
  • optional 30-minute prayer meetings
  • optional special interest meet-ups for cohort members only

Does being part of the World Changers Cohort cost extra?

Not at all! You just need to meet the requirements mentioned above. During your Urbana registration, just select “World Changers Cohort.”

Can I sign up at a later time after registering for Urbana?

Yes. You may change your World Changers Cohort registration status after completing the Urbana registration to either opt in or out of the cohort. Complete the steps below:

  1. Click here or open your registration confirmation email. (Search your email inbox for “Registration Confirmation - Urbana 22”.)
  2. Copy your confirmation number.
  3. Click the link below your confirmation number to take you to the Event Summary.
  4. Enter your confirmation number and click OK.
  5. Click Modify.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Email us at We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!