Urbana 18

4/25/2019Nathan Peterson, Urbana Missions

For Claire, everything about Urbana 15 was unexpected and life-changing.

Between bad weather the night she was supposed to drive in to St. Louis and frustration over missing out on a ski trip that was happening at the same time, she almost didn’t come to Urbana at all. “Now I cannot imagine having missed it. That’s terrifying to me,” she said.

April 25, 2019By Nathan Peterson, Urbana Missions

Warmly greeting students, helping them visualize concepts with creative illustrations, and even volunteering to showcase his basketball skills—it’s clear that history teacher Greg Ahlquist cares about the students in the Webster Central School District in Webster, New York.

March 11, 2019By Nathan Peterson, Urbana Missions

Amy climbed out of the plane into Liberia’s summer heat. For most of her life, she’d never even known this West African country existed. And now in 2007, she was going to be living there for months.

One of the people standing outside the airport looked familiar. The last and only other time they’d met was in the crowded exhibit hall of Urbana 06, when neither of them could have imagined their next meeting taking place here, halfway around the world.

March 5, 2019Nathan Peterson, Urbana Missions

Since leaving Korea to come to the U.S. when she was eight, Eunice Yo sometimes felt like her life was split. “Especially in America with racism and prejudice, a lot of Asian Americans don’t want to be Asian. We’re American,” she said.