Missions 101

Our citizenship is in heaven, not a single country. We’ll explore various aspects of living and working cross-culturally, including career, family, and personal dynamics. We’ll cover professional opportunities that people consider when pursuing international placements, and also offer advice about thriving in a cross-cultural setting.

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In addition to the gospel, Western missionaries often bring a spectrum of financial, educational, and cultural capital to the mission field, leading to imbalances of power between them and those they have come to serve. We will discuss how missionaries can proactively anticipate this situation and promote local empowerment.

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Christians have been praying, studying Scripture, serving, and worshiping for centuries, yet many still run out of energy for the long haul. Why? This seminar will propose three neglected spiritual disciplines that are necessary to fulfill our calling, not in short bursts of energy, but till we finish our race.

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