Sent Like Jesus

Sent Like Jesus

What does it look like to come in a good way?

“As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” — Jesus, John 20:21

God’s people haven’t always come into new places and cultures as Jesus did. To follow Jesus in faithful witness, we must move beyond colonial baggage and learn to come in a good way.* This means laying down our cultural preferences and submitting to one another in genuine partnership. It means letting the good news of Jesus take root and grow in new soil, where kingdom fruit may look different than we expect. Wherever we may go, God’s already there, already at work, in people who bear his image, people with whom we’ll gather one day to worship Jesus forever. How can we humbly join in what God’s Spirit is already doing?

*Coming in a good way is language borrowed from Native InterVarsity.

As we're in Acts, consider:

What characteristics of Jesus do you see his followers displaying? How do those traits help others hear and respond unto the growth of Christ’s missional community?

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