Cultivating Deep Roots

Cultivating Deep Roots

Healing and spiritual formation for thriving in mission

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” — Jesus, Luke 5:31

Jesus is the Great Physician who lays down his life for the healing of humanity. His prescription for us? To join him, as wounded healers, in his mission to reconcile and restore all things. To enter vulnerably into the world’s brokenness. This is the path of discipleship and the path to our own healing and joy as we walk with Christ. It’s not an easy path, but Jesus promises to be with us. We need deep roots in God’s love, roots that will allow us to thrive even in the midst of the suffering and loss that can and will come as we follow Jesus in mission, roots that allow God’s Spirit to flow through us and draw others into abundant life.

As we're in Acts, consider:

How do we see God shaping his people as they join in mission? How do they experience more of God and the abundant life of the Spirit as they follow Jesus into mission?



Receive Prayer Ministry | ICC 103

Intercessory Prayer Experience | ICC Maryland St entrance


Books to let God form us

Books for the healing journey