Pat Li-Barbour

Communications Manager

Pat loves InterVarsity's commitment to go to every corner of every campus to reach students with the gospel. As part of the Urbana Team, he also appreciates its challenge to students to consider how they can advance God’s kingdom with their gifts and skills. After coming to Christ through Greek InterVarsity at San Diego State, he became a student leader and then went on staff. Joining InterVarsity’s Global Urban Trek in the Philippines allowed him to see the value in other cultures’ perspectives and how large God is. He has been on the InterVarsity team for more than six years and currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

Comfort Foods:

“Linguica (Portuguese Sausage ) made any way!”

Favorite Music Genre:

“Still love Emo music from my high school days”

Favorite Bible Character:

“Peter is by far my favorite character. Open mouth insert foot (I can relate).”

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

 “Cadiz, Spain where my family is from”

Donut or scone? Coffee or tea?

“Donut, but it has to be good! Tea, sorry coffee is overrated.”

What’s on your bucket list?

“Meet Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders”

When I think of college, I think of . . .

“late night hang outs with friends.”

Besides the Bible, what books/authors have influenced you the most?

“Fiction: Love me some Lord of the Rings. Non-fiction: God Attachment: Why You Believe, Act, and Feel the Way You Do About God.” 

Urbana Year