Why We Left Our $200k Tech Jobs

Come hear firsthand about the open-source mentality. Freely given, freely received … Open Source Gospel, Open Source Missions? Discover how to leverage your marketplace skills outside the church walls. Hear how young adults are creating mobile apps, websites, children’s books, music videos, poems, and stickers for missions! What if we can support global missions via remote work?

: December 30, 4:45 pm
: ICC 208-209
Andrew Feng

Andrew Feng studied at USC, worked at Yahoo!, KPMG, served in East Asia, and adopted a son with special needs. He’s prototyping new pathways for missions via remote work—helping students discover their calling, develop their gifting, and incline their hearts toward the Great Commission beyond the four church walls.

Henry Zhu

Henry stumbled into a culture of freely giving through open source. He accidentally became an open source maintainer, eventually quitting his job. He now thinks about convivial ways of living with technology through his podcast.

Vocational Pathways