Unity & Diversity in Creator’s Mission

One underlying narrative in Acts has to do with forming a new community not based on social, economic, gender, or ethnic identity. Early on, the believers struggled under the clash of cultures created when Jews and Gentiles came together to live out their newly formed faith. Come discover how it’s possible to live in unity without sacrificing the diversity of our cultures.

: December 30, 4:45 pm
: ICC 205-207
Terry M. Wildman

Terry M. Wildman, of Ojibwe and Yaqui ancestry, is the Lead Translator and Project Manager of the First Nations Version. He serves as the Director of Spiritual Growth and Leadership Development for Native InterVarsity. He’s also the founder of Rain Ministries and has previously served as a pastor and worship leader. Terry and his wife live in Maricopa, Arizona, on the traditional lands of the Pima and Tohono O’odham. Together they are the GRAMMY-nominated and Nammy award-winning musical duo and recording artists known as RainSong.

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