Technologies Pointing to God's Shalom

How can students in technology industries reflect the brilliance of God’s kingdom in such a mechanical and competitive context? In our seminar, we’ll discuss how we should consider the implications of our technologies and how they challenge our worldview, sharing some experiences of Christian technology students from Brazil connected to IFES. And we will challenge one another to reflect and work for technologies that point to God’s shalom.

: December 29, 3:15 pm
: ICC 208-209
Josué Penteado

Josué Penteado has been working with ABUB (IFES in Brazil) since 2012, currently as Executive Secretary of Training and Partnerships. In college, he studied electrical engineering (Power Systems) and then theology (Master of Divinity). In the last few years, Josué has been developing research in science, technology, and society to analyze how new engineers are trained in Brazil. He's interested in new technologies, but prefers analog hobbies like reading, traveling, cooking, and playing board games with his wife Vivian and their two daughters.

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