A Spirituality for Living on a Wounded Planet

How do we live on a wounded planet? The warming climate is impacting the world right before our eyes. For anyone experiencing anxiety, grief, anger, or even despair about the state of the planet, this seminar will be an opportunity to learn how to discern the loving presence of God amid such challenges and deepen our faith as we participate in the planet’s renewal.

: December 30, 1:45 pm
: ICC 134-135
Josh Harper

Josh Harper oversees InterVarsity’s Ecological Discipleship Programs and is the co-creator and co-sustainer of Via Divina, InterVarsity’s audio-guided spiritual formation pilgrimages. He is a certified California Naturalist and Forest EcoTherapy facilitator. Josh loves spending time in the forest and in his garden, and his favorite InterVarsity experiences were leading people on the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. He lives with his wife and two daughters on the land of the Ohlone people, also known as Oakland, California.

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