The Place of Children at Risk in the Kingdom of God

Children face enormous risks in a broken and messy world, including being used as instruments of war. How do we advocate and amplify their voices? More than victims, children at risk are multifaceted human beings, created in the image of God, who can participate as co-laborers in church and mission. This seminar will explore collaborative strategies on mission to, for, and with children at risk.

: December 31, 3:15 pm
: ICC 208-209
Gillian G. Mwaura/Edube

Gillian G. Mwaura/Edube is a follower of Jesus, a Kenyan, married to a Ugandan, and a mother of two children. She has done student ministry with Focus (IFES) in her home country of Kenya and also in Uganda. She is a co-founder of Global Link Afrika, where she trained indigenous missionaries before moving to Wheaton College Graduate School to pursue an MA in Intercultural Studies. She is pursuing her PhD in Educational Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She is a Christian Education and Training Specialist with Entrust.

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