The Most Powerful Life: Contemplation & Action

We can’t merely talk about doing “great things for God,” for the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power (1 Cor. 4:20). “Righteousness” and “justice” are the same word in Scripture but have been artificially separated in English. Our righteous/just action in the world flows from our spiritual formation or lack thereof. How then shall we live? Come explore the life of power God calls us to.

: December 30, 1:45 pm
: ICC 122-124
Marlena Graves

Marlena Graves’ focus is migrant farm workers, migrants traveling from the border, work among groups seeking to address lead paint poisoning and curb police brutality in her community, and poverty. She worked feverishly to stop the separation of children from families and continues to work for immigration reform. Marlena is also laboring to address structural racism and other civil rights abuses. She is the Assistant Professor of Spiritual Formation at Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan University. Marlena loves her husband, three daughters, family of origin, and friends deeply. She hopes that is also true for those whom she encounters.

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