Meeting Muslims Along the Journey

Muslims are all on a journey toward discovering Jesus. You may be the first Christian they learn to trust; they may be open but unsure; or they may be ready to begin following Jesus. Come learn to walk alongside your friends and help them take their next step, and, for international students, prepare to return home.

: December 29, 3:15 pm
: ICC 138-139

Speaker K learned to love serving among predominantly Muslim communities while on a Global Program in southeastern Europe over 20 years ago. She loves the hospitality, generosity, and fun-loving nature of her friends' Muslim culture. Her family has lived and/or served in Muslim contexts in Europe, North Africa, Central Asia, and America's West Coast -- and she's eaten some amazing foods! One of her favorite things is reading Scripture with Muslim women, helping them to truly know Jesus. She’s been on staff with InterVarsity since 2003. 

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