Land Use Decisions Through a Christian Lens

Many of you will soon decide not only where to work but also where to live. Your involvement in your soon-to-be community could be part of your calling and shape your community for generations. How should we steward land for the good of all in the community? Local land use boards decide on development-related plans and their environmental impact. In this seminar, we’ll explore land use planning, walk through a biblical framework for it, and consider real-life land use projects.

: December 29, 3:15 pm
: ICC 201-202
Rosaura Andújar-McNeil

A native from Puerto Rico, Rosaura Andújar-McNeil, P.E., is a zestful engineer with over 15 years of experience in the investigation and remediation of environmentally impacted properties, environmental compliance and permitting, and land development. She currently serves on her local Planning Board and in the past has served as an English/Spanish interpreter in the local public school and as an InterVarsity campus minister at Vassar College in New York. She resides in the Hudson Valley, New York with her husband and three school-aged children. She loves learning and asking questions, welcoming people, and tasting diverse foods.