Kijiji: The Church’s Contemporary Rites of Passage

Who influences how you navigate life transitions? What if the local church could be the intergenerational Kijiji (village) that facilitates transitional rites of passage to invest in young people? In this seminar, we’ll explore how sections of the church in the Global South use this ubiquitous cultural gift to build the kingdom.

: December 30, 1:45 pm
: ICC 203-204
Muhia Karianjahi

Muhia Karianjahi (Ph.D., Biola University) is Assistant Professor of Outdoor and Adventure Leadership at HoneyRock, Leadership Development Center of Wheaton College. Prior to Wheaton, Dr. Karianjahi co-founded Tanari Trust, a Nairobi-based ecumenical organization that designs and implements youth ministry innovations such as contemporary Christian rites of passage for churches in the East African Region. He is Vice Chair of Christian Camping International, which helps network and develop camp leaders in over 60 countries worldwide.

Cultivating Deep Roots