With Jesus in the Classroom: A Teaching Panel

Teachers transform lives. Christlike teachers can have a tremendous impact for good, not only on kids’ academic and social growth but on their worldview, sense of self, and hope for the future. Globally, education has the potential to develop nations and shape the world. Come be inspired by elementary and middle school teachers in the U.S. and abroad and imagine how you might live incarnationally among kids, families, and educators.

: December 29, 1:45 pm
: ICC 141-142
Megan Zuquino

Megan Zuquino grew up in Central Illinois and attended Augustana College, where she majored in Elementary Education and Psychology. Following graduation, she was on staff with InterVarsity at the University of Illinois Urbana for four years, where she worked with the multiethnic chapter and LaFe. After taking short-term mission trips, she fell in love with Latin America and heard God’s call to long-term missions at Urbana 03. In 2007, she married Vinicio and moved to Guatemala, where they have lived for the past 15 years. Megan has taught in three private schools in Guatemala and currently homeschools her three girls.

Imer Santiago

Edwin “Imer” Santiago is passionate about celebrating unity through diversity, assisting others in better understanding their cultural and ethnic identities, and helping everyone improve at being a loving, global citizen. His love for multiethnic worship has led him to partner with InterVarsity in many spaces, including Urbana Conferences 06, 09, and 18. Imer’s 2013 “Hidden Journey” album received consideration in several categories in the GRAMMY & Latin GRAMMY Awards. He also serves as the Director of Bands at St. Cloud Middle School in St. Cloud, Florida.

Speaker M left a middle school teaching career to engage directly in God’s mission overseas using language and business. She now lives in a highly unreached part of South Asia and is passionate about the missional business she directs, which provides a path to deep relationships and daily opportunities to share Christ.


Julia Van Der Werf serves as Director of Training with GoCorps. She taught fourth and fifth grade for five years before founding a nonprofit ministry in 2001 in one of the largest public housing communities in Washington, D.C. There she worked alongside resident leaders to provide a community safe house for students after school and on weekends, where they received tutoring, mentoring, Bible study, and more. As she has become more aware of the impact of whiteness on systemic injustice in America, Julia has used her influence and gifts to help others understand dynamics of race, ethnicity, and culture and dismantle racism’s negative effects through Christ’s power.

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