Guidance: Knowing God's Will
Barney Ford

(as of 2000)

Charles (Barney) Ford is the director of Urbana 2000. Originally from southern Indiana, Barney has worked on staff with InterVarsity USA in Ohio, Indiana and Indiana. He served for a period as the Director of Campus Ministry for half of InterVarsity's student work in the US. In 1986, he and his family moved to Madison, Wisconsin and served as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President at InterVarsity's national service center.
In Kenya in 1995, Barney was named the Chair of the Executive Committee of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (A global body of Christian Student Organizations, of which GBU and Inter-Varsity of Canada, and InterVarsity USA, are all charter members).
After a sabbatical, during which time God taught Barney afresh about worship, he was called to be the director of Urbana 2000. His desire is to share with students how missions allow them to participate in bringing every tribe, tongue, people and nation into worshipping Jesus Christ.
From Barney's Assistant:
Barney is a staff worker at heart. He has held just about every position possible within InterVarsity and continues to say that being a part of campus staff serving students is the best. He is passionate about students - crazy about them and takes any opportunity to meet with them, listen to them and invest his heart and efforts into their lives.
He is quick to drop the titles that surround his name and introduce himself as "Barney" whenever meeting new people - why waste time on non-essentials? Let's get to the heart of things! Quick to find humor in being human and any good excuse to order donuts for the office, he is a leader who walks in Jesus and walks with people through life's ups and downs. His wisdom, prayerfulness and ability to think clearly on his feet steer the Team in following the Spirit's guidance in planning Urbana 2000 though he's quick to be humble and say that he's just a big bald guy who has a hard time getting up and down as he prays on his knees.
He trusts the Lord and my respect grows for him daily, a rare occurrence to grow in respect for someone that you work with daily, but it's my takeaway as I continue to serve with him in loving God and loving people. He's an amazing brother with a heart that continues to expand as it's filled by the Spirit. It's good to know Barney Ford. 
-Moyra Daniels