Gospel Redemption for Gang Members & Prisoners

Could God be calling you to be more intentional in sharing your faith with those on the margins, people society treats as outcasts and misfits? MelindaJoy Mingo loves to watch God restore dignity to people in prison, leaving gangs, or experiencing homelessness. Her interactive seminar will help you learn to create brave and safe spaces to share your faith and reframe the terms “marginalized” and “misfit” with honor and dignity as we reach our nation’s diverse people.

: December 29, 4:45 pm
: ICC 136-137
MelindaJoy Mingo

MelindaJoy Mingo loves helping people see others' value, worth, and dignity, and understand that this vision is key to sustaining genuine relationships across cultures. She’s a pastor and founder of JeNai Ministry International, a mobile grassroots ministry reaching the unchurched and people coming out of gang life, prisons, human trafficking, homelessness, etc. Dr. Mingo is a professor of law and communications at Pikes Peak State College, a Co-Director of the Equity Project, a guest lecturer at Hanoi University, and began a faith-based initiative in 2019 to bring law enforcement and the community together around prayer and partnerships in the city.