The Gospel & Birth: A Doula Among the Unreached

The Lord paints a picture of the gospel through pregnancy and birth. And birth work and birth education have an important place on the mission field because simple education and empowerment can cross languages and cultural boundaries. Bri will share her own experience of birth work among unreached people and how it’s a strong strategy for sharing the gospel and tangibly helping women and families.

: December 29, 4:45 pm
: ICC 145
Bri LaHie

Bri LaHaie is a certified birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and lactation counselor as well as the founder of After Eden Doula Services. She first began her training as a doula while living overseas in the Middle East working with pregnant refugees. Bri also works as a Mobilizer and Missions Coach with GoCorps. She’s passionate about supporting women through education, advocacy, and counsel.

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